Thursday, October 22, 2015

Is There Really a Difference Between Toddlers and Teens?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek post highlighting the differences between teens and toddlers. Today, I'm wondering if I got it wrong.
Because of my boys.
Oh, I'm telling you, their behavior of late is making me wonder if there is a difference.

Exhibit A:
I'm in the basement yesterday morning working out. (Go, me!) And the boys are coming and going from the bathroom down there as they always do on a school morning. When, suddenly, they're both in the bathroom and I hear Josh call out, "Why are you following me???" And an argument ensues in which Matthew denies following Josh, claiming he is simply there to brush his teeth. (The fact that he's got a toothbrush in his mouth and foam falling out of it seems to indicate he's telling the truth.)
But Josh doesn't want him in the bathroom (I'm remembering the days of, "Don't touch me!") and begins to threaten Matthew. The next thing I know, Matthew is screaming, "Mom! Mom! Mom! Help me! Josh is going to throw soap on me!" And, although I try to let it slide (Because, honestly, they're old enough to figure out problems on their own.) when Matthew's plea goes up a decibel, or two, I approach the bathroom. Where I find Matthew foaming at the mouth (The toothpaste, remember?) and Josh at the ready with a bottle of soft-soap aimed at his brother.
I let out a heavy sigh (Because I was in the middle of my workout, or because I was astounded by my sons' behavior? You decide.) and asked, "Seriously, Josh? Do you really want me to treat you like you're three years old?" He responded that would be fine, so I said, "OK. First thing, hand over your phone. Toddlers don't have phones."
At that point, Matthew made a teasing noise which was probably intended to communicate, Ooooo. She got you. What'cha gonna do to me now??? and slipped out of the bathroom to finish brushing his teeth in the kitchenette. Josh put the soap down, and I went back to doing pistols. Or kick-backs. Or something.
Within a few minutes, the two of them were rushing out the door to go to school and I was thankful they seemed to be acting like young men again. Of course, that demeanor could change at any moment.

Never a dull moment around here!


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