Friday, October 30, 2015

This Week with Grandma

...We learned how to compromise.

Monday was a bad day for Grandma. And when it was time for bed, I just didn't feel I could leave her alone. I contemplated curling up at the foot of her bed, or just sleeping on the floor in her room. But I decided it would be better to sleep on the couch. I would be just 10 feet away from her room, and would be able to hear her easily if she needed anything.
So, I grabbed my pillow and my special blanket and took my place on the couch. (Josh and I crossed paths and he said, "Ah. Not a good night between you and dad, huh? You got the couch." *Funny kid!*)
Right around 3 o'clock in the morning I woke up to the sound of Grandma stirring in her room. So I got up and assisted her, then went back to the couch.

Tuesday was a little better day for Grandma, but I still had questions about whether or not I felt comfortable sleeping in my bedroom Tuesday night. And - as if Grandma could read my thoughts - she asked, "How did you know I needed your help last night?" I said simply, "I was sleeping on the couch so I could her you." And Grandma said, "Oh. I don't like that." (She never wants to "inconvenience" anyone.) Although I tried to reassure Grandma that her safety is more important to me than where I sleep, she didn't seem convinced. And she tried to get me to promise to sleep in my bed that night.
Let's just say I get my stubbornness from my Grandma, and I was not prepared to give in quite so easily to her demand request. So I countered with, "How about this? If you promise to use your whistle if you need help, I'll promise to sleep in my bed."
She agreed.
And we were pleased that we could come up with a solution which satisfied both of us.

Just goes to show you, love and creativity can overcome the tenacity of two stubborn women. Karen

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