Thursday, October 29, 2015

I Guess I'm One of "Them"

So we're sitting at dinner the other night talking about presidential candidates, and Matthew brought up a conversation he'd had with a friend about one of them. Apparently one or more candidates (From which party? I honestly can't tell you.) are proposing the nation-wide legalization of marijuana. And it seems Matthew and his friend got into a lively discussion about the topic.
Well, at the mention of said legalization I felt my eyes roll toward the back of my head.
It wasn't an intentional reaction, really.
More of an involuntary response reflective of my attitude toward such a law.

And Matthew didn't miss it.

He immediately defended their conversation by flicking his hand in my direction and saying, "It's because of adults like you who take marijuana too seriously" - or something along those lines - "that this issue isn't understood." Truthfully, I don't remember exactly what he said after his first six words, because I was too busy laughing at how I'd just been categorized.
Adults like you.
I'm not sure, but I think I might have achieved a new level of my-teenager-thinks-I'm-a-dork.
And frankly? I'm OK with that.
Because some day he'll be an adult like me, too. *wink*


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