Friday, October 23, 2015

This Week with Grandma

You aren't a problem.
You're my grandmother, and I love you.

Those are the words I spoke in response to my grandma's statement Wednesday night:
"I didn't realize I was going to be such a problem."

And I meant those words. From the bottom of my heart.

Grandma has been having increasing difficulty with day-to-day life and activities, and it's all getting her down. I lay in bed praying for her Wednesday night and was reminded - she was created by God and is eternally cherished by HIM. God wants her to be well cared-for in these days on earth and I am privileged to be one who gets to help provide that care.
What an honor to serve her.
To serve HIM.

So, my friends, I am asking today that you would pray for my grandma. Please pray that God would ease her pain and lift her spirit. But, more than that, please pray that HE will help her understand how precious she is to Him, and that serving her is NOT a problem for me.


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