Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back to normal?

Brian is home and we were all glad to see him! (He liked his poster.) Yesterday we went as a family to the movies to see Charlotte's Web. (Whew! That was expensive!!!) Brian took the boys "fishing" for awhile and he and Elizabeth played Life. I did more laundry and took down the Christmas tree. Yes, this seems a little more like normal.
But as I said in Sliding in to Home, I believe God used last week to work on me and mold me, and in that sense I'm really not interested in getting "back to normal."
It's a new year with new possibilities. I want to take time to reflect on the year gone by and wonder about the one we've just started. What does God have in store for us? This mom doesn't want to go "back." I want to move ahead with God and embrace everything He brings my way. How about you? Will you join me?

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