Thursday, January 04, 2007

OK, I'm "irregular"

Hmmm, that sounds like a "too personal" bit of information, doesn't it?
It isn't.
I finally got to take a break today. I left the house about 10:00 this morning, went to an internet cafe and spent time e-mailing and reading blogs. Then I went shopping, and that's when I found out I'm irregular.
One of my shopping goals was to find a new pair of jeans, though I must admit I was only a little hopeful that I'd get anything because I always have a terrible time trying to find jeans that fit. As I looked through the racks I found two pair of jeans which were highly discounted because they are "irregular." My untrained eye couldn't see anything wrong with them and I sure liked the price, so I tried them on. They fit almost perfectly! So, I must be irregular because all the regular jeans I've tried on don't fit like these do. Are you ready for this? I got them for $21 -total!!!
Next, I went to the mall to find a top to go with them. I saw a jacket I thought I might get but looked around for another hour or so before going back to get it. (I am so not confident when it comes to buying clothes, unless it's a t-shirt or sweat shirt.) I decided to go back for the jacket and when I did I asked a sales clerk what kind of shirt I'd wear under it. We talked, and she advised. Then she said, "Come with me," and she lead me to a different jacket that was more fitted and she thought would look better on me, plus it was half the price!
So, now I have new black jeans and a pinkish/rose suede-type jacket that I'll wear with black heels and a black shirt that's trimmed with shiny beads. The sales clerk suggested buying some sassy earrings to complete the outfit. OK, Brian, get a babysitter - Karen's feeling hot and ready for some fun!!!

After my shopping fun I spent time reflecting on what's happened over the past year, and wondering what may be ahead in 2007. It is absolutely amazing to me when I consider what God has done, and where He's taking me. At the beginning of 2005, I had no idea I would begin speaking to MOPS groups within the year. At the beginning of 2006, I had started writing my book but had no clear plan for "really" writing, and wasn't sure I'd actually see it through to completion. At the beginning of 2007, I am excited to have published a book and to have 30+ MOPS groups on my speaking schedule.
As I was journaling today, wondering where God will take me in 2007, one thing that came to me again and again was Psalm 115:1, "Not to [me], O Lord, not to [me] but to Your name be the glory, because of Your love and faithfulness." God has been so good to me. First, in giving me hope that He is using my children and my mothering struggles to make me into the woman He wants me to be, and second, in giving me opportunities to share this hope with other moms. When I receive compliments, or words of appreciation and encouragement, it's tempting to think I've done something worthwhile. But I realize nothing good comes from me. It's all about my Savior! I want to always give God the glory for everything He has done.

Afterall, I'm just irregular!


Stephanie said...

It really is fun that all these things have come into your life. :)

Irritable Mother said...

Yes, it is. The funny thing is, when I was starting to think about speaking I actually wrote in my journal, "But how can I be a speaker? I've never written a book. I don't even have abook in me!" I imagine God watching me at that moment, chuckling and saying, "Just trust Me, Karen. After all, it isn't about you. I'm the One working here."