Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Generation Next Parenting

I recently read Generation Next Parenting, by Tricia Goyer. Tricia is a GenXer, just like me. She graduated from high school in 1989, just like me. She loves the Lord, yet still struggles with mothering, just like me. Perhaps that’s why I appreciated her book so much.
Generation Next Parenting is filled with quotes from other GenX parents and I often found myself nodding, thinking, “Yes. That’s how I feel,” or wanting to search out an individual to say, “Me, too! How did you resolve that issue?” Tricia’s words are filled with grace, assuring us we can parent “right,” even if it isn’t the same way our parents did it. I love that she points her readers to God’s Word and encourages prayer in everything.
Besides all that, reading this book was like an enjoyable trip down memory lane. The songs I used to sing along with on the radio. The games I used to play. The TV shows I watched. The 80s were fun, weren’t they?
You can read the first chapter of Generation Next Parenting online. Tricia also has a blog and website that are worth checking out. Enjoy!

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