Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What a great day!

What a day this has been,
What a rare mood I'm in,
Why it's almost like being in love!

Oh, excuse me. I was just re-visiting my high school days when we performed the musical "Brigadoon." Aye, lass, those were great times!
But I have had a great day today, and it does make me feel like breaking out in song. (Except that I'm sitting in a coffee shop right now and I fear people would look at me quite strangely. So I'll try to contain myself.)
I spoke to a MOPS group this morning and enjoyed spending the hour and twenty minute drive praying and singing to Jesus. The women at the meeting were incredibly kind and receptive to me, and God ministered HOPE to many of them. They shared with me that God must've known they needed to be at MOPS this morning because of the obstacles He overcame to get them there.
I'm speaking on this side of the state again tomorrow, so instead of driving back to Lansing today and coming back again tomorrow, I'm spending the night with the woman who edited my book. We're going to have dinner together in just a short while. I've spent the afternoon in this nice little coffee shop working on my taxes, catching up on e-mail and reading blogs, and doing some writing. Ahhhh, it's been a lovely day!

Some days are harder. I get stressed, and sometimes depressed. But today I'm thanking God for a break, for encouragment and peace. And I'm remembering He's just as good on my bad days as He is on my good ones. I love that about Him...He never changes. He's always good. He's always worthy of my praise!

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