Monday, January 08, 2007


Those of you with elementary aged children are probably up-to-your-ears familiar with this game. Those of you with younger (or much older!) children will have to recall the days of your own childhood. Surely you played "Jinx."
This is how it goes with my kids: Two of them say something, word for word, at the same time. Then they yell, "Jinx" and whoever says "Jinx" last isn't supposed to talk until the other individual says their name. The way it works around here is, in addition to saying the initial word or phrase simultaneously, my kids usually say, "Jinx!" at the same time. Then they get into, "Jinx before you!" "Jinx before you again!" "Jinx before you a hundred times!" "Jinx before you'll ever say it again!" Most times it ends in laughter, sometimes fighting about who really "won," and always with Brian and I rolling our eyes at this silly game.
Tonight it was our turn to be silly. We were eating dinner when Elizabeth excused herself from the table saying, "My tummy is really gassy." As she passed by us she, uh, passed gas. Loudly. Brian and I looked at each other and said, "I guess so!" And followed our comments with, "Jinx!" Then quickly, "Jinx before you!" I was laughing so hard, I nearly spit my food out at him!
I am so mature...


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momteacherfriend said...

I don't care who you are THAT"S FUNNY!