Saturday, April 28, 2007

Christmas in April

Have you ever been given a really great gift and you just can't wait to use it? You know it's going to be fun. It's going to rejuvinate you, allow you to relax, bring some peace into your crazy world. In fact, you'd like to use it right now.
But then life gets busy. You forget you even have that gift waiting to be used. And it sits - for months - while you go about life, rushing here and there, totally oblivious to the gift you have waiting.
Then one day it happens. You're going through the "junk drawer" and you see an envelope. You think, What's this? When you open it and peer inside, you remember and sigh. Ahhh, yes! It's the gift you'd forgotten.
Without further ado, you decide to put it to use. Quick. Call your brother. See if he can take the kids. He can! Now, tell your hubby - it's a date!

That's what has happened here. For Christmas, Brian's mom gave us a gift certificate to a bed and breakfast. My brother gave us a gift certificate for dinner out. And I recently came across them both. Sooooo, guess what, ladies? Brian and I are going out tonight sans kids!

See ya!!!

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Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time!

annie said...

Merry Christmas to you!
Have a great night out.
♥, Annie

JennaG said...

How fun--I sure would love to find that! Hope you have a fantabulous time of refreshing!

Coach J said...

Sooo, how was dessert? :0)
You're the only person I could ever ask that!!!!

Irritable Mother said...

Thanks. We did have a wonderful time.
And Coach, dessert was delicious! *wink*

Mandalyn said...

How exciting. My husband got to do dinner and a movie recently without kids. It's so nice to spend time together alone!! I hope you had a wonderful time!!

Leni said...

What a treat!!