Sunday, April 22, 2007

For Heather

I have recently become aware of an amazing woman and a huge need. Chances are if you've spent any time visiting mommy blogs over the past week you've also read about Heather but, in case you haven't, I wanted to post about her here, too.

Heather is a mother of three and has recently learned she has a brain tumor. She is going to the Mayo Clinic for surgery this week. When I learned about Heather's situation, I visited her blog and was blown away as I got a glimpse of her heart. She has a huge faith in God and only desires to see Him glorified. It is incredible to read her words and realize how God is using her - her trials and her faith - to encourage others and bring glory to Himself.
Last week Boomama spearheaded a love offering to help Heather and her husband with the overwhelming expenses they're going to face through this journey, and it was awesome to see people rally around them with this tangible love and support. As I was following up to see the results of the offering, I found out it's still open and will be at least until April 25. Sooo, if you haven't already done so, and you'd like to join with so many in the blogosphere who are lifting up this dear woman and her family, there's still time. PayPal is managing the love offering, and Boomama has a "Make a Donation" button on this page. Also by visiting Boomama you can link to other background things about Heather her story.

This morning at church, one of the repeated themes was God is on the move. This situation with Heather was fresh on my mind and I thought, Yes. He sure is. So many, many people are hearing about Heather and her God - about her unwavering faith in Him. Many are already believers, and some are not. As we follow Heather's journey, I confidently believe those who already trust in the Lord will see their faith strengthened and I believe those who doubt Him will have cause to re-examine their beliefs. Wouldn't it be wonderful if He used this trial in Heather's life, combined with the community in the blogosphere, to bring people into a saving relationship with Himself???
I started this post saying I've recently become aware of an amazing woman and a huge need. I'll finish by praising an awesome God Who is bigger than that need and Who is definitely on the move.

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Annie said...

It is truly amazing Karen, I agree!
Heather is such a precious soul and a sweet blog friend. I know our God is bigger than her situation, bigger then Izzy's situation, bigger than anything we can come up with so I say AMEN! and praise God!