Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm So Excited!

I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it. And I know, I know, I know, I know, I like it. I like it!
Surely there are some old Pointer Sisters fans out there who just traveled memory lane with me. Right? I'm So Excited was one of my favorite songs in, uh, junior high I guess. I'm trying to remember their other big hits, but they're escaping me. Oh, I digress.
Er, wait. Is it possible to digress when you haven't even gotten started?
I'm not sure. But if it is possible, that's what I'm doing.
Big time.

Now I'm thinking I'm putting my first cause for excitement in jeopardy! Annie gave me a Thinking Blogger award. She's so kind. But if she comes over and reads this babble I'm writing, what if she renigs? I'll do better next time, Annie. I promise. It's the excitement going through my fingers which is causing this nonesense. Honest!
Seriously, I'm honored to be considered a "thinker." After so many years of preschool, I was beginning to believe my brain was turning to mush. How nice to be called a Thinker!
Part of the honor is that I get nominate some other bloggers who make me think. A few of the ones I would like to nominate have already been given the award, but I'm going to name them anyway because I like them so much. The first is Ann Kroeker. Her's is the first blog I ever started reading, and she always has something good to say. A newer blog friend I want to recognize is Coach J. I've only been reading her blog for a short while, but I love her heart and the way she shares it so beautifully. And then there's Julie Q. She has this wonderful way of mixing art, motherhood, humor and insights. I love whatever she writes.
And now for some new kids on the block...I want to pass the Thinking Blogger award on to Jen at Irrational Love because she really is well thought-out. She shares about the things God is teaching her and she invites us along on the journey. I also wish to recognize Jen at Gracious Homemaking. She is eager to share ideas for moms and homemakers, but it is her Welcome statement that really hooked me!
So there you are, ladies. As soon as I figure out how to put the Thinking Blogger award on my side bar, you can come and get it for yours! In the mean time, think of five other thinking bloggers you'd like to recognize. And thanks for sharing!

So, that's the first thing about which I'm excited tonight. The second is that I now have video on my website! Come on over and you can take a peek at a few clips from the presentation I give to moms' groups.

I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it...


Coach J said...

Thank you very much. I sometimes think that maybe I'm just a little too preachy for other people, but then I decide well, that's just me and this is my heart and they can always go somewhere else.
Thanks for the award. This does mean alot, and now that I'm reading more people, I'll see if I have 5 more blogs to nominate.
Love your post, too!!

Coach J said...

Oh, and I'm going to go visit the other sites I didn't know about. Thanks for that!

Jen said...

Thanks! I'm so touched for the award! I'm so glad I came across your blog - I've been checking in as often as I can!

I'm so new to blogging. I invisioned (sp?) writing more, but this season of my life (11 month old, 2 year old and 4 year old) is of course my priority - oh to find the balance!

Thanks again and God bless!

irrationallove said...

Thank you, Karen! I can echo the other Jen...I'm so new to blogging...would love to write more often...4 little chicks at home etc.
I'm so thankful for you, Karen, and your honest and full-of-hope message!
Thanks again for tapping me with your blogger-wand. This post was fun and I'm excited to get to know some other 'thinkers!'

annie said...

I'll have to check out your nominations, the only one I know is CoachJ and I love her...
Oh, I enjoyed watching your videos too! Great stuff.
♥, Annie

Irritable Mother said...

Coach J ~ I'm so glad you're you! And I agree - people can go elsewhere if they can't handle your words...But why would they want to???

Jen ~ This "season" there balance? Let me know if you find it! *wink*

IL ~ I love it WHENEVER you have a chance to write. But your chicks need you!

Annie ~ Glad you liked the videos. And I'll get to that signature soon. Thanks so much!

JennaG said...

Congratulations--I will try to visit the sites you listed--Of course, Coach J is one of my real life personal friends--so I know you picked a good one there!

Ann Kroeker said...

Too cool! You're so deserving of this Thinking Award, Karen. You're always thinking--on the blog, you ponder life moments (contemplate them, if you will) and share your revelations with your readers.

But I know that feeling--of excitement! It was the first nomination/award I ever got.

And I have to tell you that the song has been running through my head since you typed out the lyrics!

Thank you for your nomination and for being so supportive--also, I'm tickled to think that my blog was one of the first that you started reading. Look at you now? You're a total pro!

irrationallove said...

My "5" is posted! Come and see...