Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Have Grrrrrreat Kids!

OK, for all the times I complain about my kids and wonder how I'll make it through these days, moments like the one I had today allow me to forget every frustration and cherish my sweet children.

I've mentioned before how my kids like to go to the community center which is just a few blocks away from our house. They play games there, earn points for doing their homework, enjoy friends, sometimes ruin their dinner, and even do chores to help out around the center.
There are three staff members whom my kids adore, and about whom they talk all the time. One of these staff members seems to hold a particularly special place in my kids' hearts, and since his birthday is on the horizon my kids conspired with the other staff to have a surprise party for him today.
For the past two days they've been making decorations. We bought balloons and streamers. I baked a cake, which Elizabeth decorated. Joshua rehearsed how he was going to delay N from coming to the game room, in order to give everyone else time to get ready. They were so excited to see these plans through and I loved watching their enthusiasm in action.

Normally, the kids walk over to the center but today I drove them because they had so many supplies to transport. And because I wanted to be there for the party! I've met N before, but today I wanted to be there not only to wish him a happy birthday, but also to tell him how much I appreciate him and his investment in my kids' lives. So I told him. And his response made my heart swell.
N told me that, at the beginning of the school year, he was ready to quit his work at the center. He told me he was tired of the arguing that took place between some of the kids and the bad attitudes others of them displayed. But then my kids started coming over after school. N spent time with them and enjoyed them. Now he says my kids are the reason he comes to work! He actually thanked me for letting my kids go there to play! Can you believe it? And can you imagine how delighted I was to hear that???
I pray it is the Holy Spirit living in them Who is making the difference here. And delight to think what He will continue to do in and through my kids as they grow in Truth and Love.
Ahhhh! I have great kids!

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By the way, how do you like my new signature? My new friend Annie made it for me.


JennaG said...

Annie's all over the blogosphere with her signatures--she's just too sweet! I think it's wonderful that your kids wanted to do that--and that you helped them. I just love it when my kids get complimented--it's such a blessing.

KarenW said...

Sounds like they have a great mom too! Love your new signature. I need to get one of those.

Coach J said...

Love the signature!! Annie did mine as well, go check it out. Isn't she great?!
And you know your "nagging" is paying off when an employee stays at his job for your kids! And what a blessing for you to bake his b'day cake and honor him. Hope your smile goes from ear to ear today!

Irritable Mother said...

Jenna ~ Yes, Annie IS sweet. Makes me wish we could travel as quickly and easily as we can blog, so I could actually meet all these wonderful women in the blogosphere!

Karen ~ Thanks for the compliment. Just as I sometimes need to be reminded I have great kids, now and then it's nice to get affirmation that I might just be doing something OK as a mom!

Coach J ~ I thought the same thing about baking the cake. And my smile IS huge. Thanks!

annie said...

Hi Karen,
Your signature looks good!
How nice that your children bless other people. That goes to show that you have done your job right! You have given them a great example. I talked about your video in my post today. I love blogging, it is so interesting to meet people that you otherwise wouldn't have. I am so blessed with all my bloggy friends!
♥, Annie

Lauren S. said...

What a beautiful post about your kids! What a blessing to not only love your kids but like them as well!

momteacherfriend said...

That is awesome that your kids have made a difference in this guys life. As you know he has made a difference in theirs. Sounds like a spirit made match to me.

Irritable Mother said...

Annie ~ Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Lauren ~ You are so right! And, you know, as I watched their excitement about the party I really DID like them!

Mom ~ I'm praying God will make more matches like this one and use my kids to draw people to Himself.