Wednesday, April 18, 2007

They Miss Her!!!

On Monday I told you Elizabeth left for fifth grade camp. Well, when I picked Joshua and Matthew up from school and Elizabeth wasn't riding home with us, they were having a little party in the back seat. The boys were practically singing, Elizabeth is gone! She can't boss us around this week! We are FREE! And then they giggled with excitement. I chuckled, too, because I thought their display was rather cute.
Not more than five minutes had passed since they were singing about their freedom, when I heard them imitating certain things that Elizabeth and her friends say. I looked at them through the rearview mirror and said, "You guys miss her already!" They emphatically denied my playful accusation.
However, as the night wore on, Matthew began to mention her name. He wondered what she might be doing at camp. Joshua jumped at the chance. "You miss her, don't you!" he declared. Of course, Matthew denied it. But Joshua got sing-songy and danced around the room saying, "You miss Elizabeth. You miss Elizabeth."
Today I was at school and one of the staff told me she'd been at the camp last night and saw Elizabeth. She reported that Elizabeth was having a great time, and I shared the report with my family tonight. As the boys' eyes lit up when I mentioned her, I decided tonight was the night to go for the confessions. So at times when I was alone with each of the boys, I asked them, "Do you miss Elizabeth?"
Joshua was quick to admit it. He misses her.
Matthew, on the other hand, was more hesitant. "Um, I don't know...Uh, I'm not sure...Well...Yes. I miss her." Satisfied with his confession, I kissed him and said good-night.

It is so precious to see these boys missing their big sister! Oh, they fight with each other. I'll agree with them that Elizabeth can be quite bossy on occasion. Sometimes you'd think they were all about to kill each other. But separate them for a few days, and you'll find out they really do love each other!
I've told the kids before that Aunt Kimmy and I used to fight all the time, but we love each other now. They say they don't believe the same thing will happen to them. My kids don't think they'll ever love each other. I say, they can think whatever they wish, but after these few days of separation, I know differently. And I love it!!!

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annie said...

So precious! I love it when our kids are sweet to each other (& miss each other!). Sometimes you wonder when they are fussing.