Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Button Update

Our baby is growing!!!

She is eating well, practically sleeping through the night, and -wow- is she growing feathers!
Yes, I believe I was wrong. When Joshua brought home a baby bird last week which had fallen from its nest, I told the kids they could try to nurse it to adulthood but they shouldn't expect it to live more than 24 hours without its mommy. And here it is, eight days later, and Button is doing very well. In fact, Joshua just moved her from her little margarine container into a large box because she's starting to flap her wings and move around more.
I continue to enjoy watching the compassion my kids have for this little bird as they care for her and monitor her progress. Though I had to chuckle this morning when I went into Elizabeth's room (where Button is staying). Button was squawking, as she does whenever she's hungry, and Elizabeth was fumbling around with the medicine dropper and the nearly-empty dish of baby bird food. My little girl seemed flustered and held the dish out in my direction mumbling, "We need more food. I can't feed her with what's in here." She reminded me of a young, tired, frustrated mother trying to feed her new-born baby after a restless night of listening for her baby's cries. Yes, I've been in that postion before. But you keep on because you love the little squawker!
I must admit, I think I'm having more fun with Button than even my kids are. Since I'm home most of the day I check on her hourly, to feed and talk to her. I'd like to think she knows me, but I doubt it. Anyway, I cleaned her up a bit (she gets messy sometimes during feedings) and took a picture of her last night so you can see how much she's grown over the week.



Sherri said...

Wow! I think it's amazing that Button is still alive and growing so well!
I remember finding little baby puppies one time without a mom. My sister and I took turns getting up at night to feed them and put more warm water into the water bottles. Whew....we had no idea how much work they were going to be.
Our puppies didn't make it, but then again, we didn't have an adult to encourage us or monitor the process very well. I can't remember our moms really into like you are...way to go!!!

CoachJ said...

Gosh! That is great! Look how much she's grown! Aren't you glad you're not the one having night duty, though?? :)

momteacherfriend said...

"She reminded me of a young, tired, frustrated mother trying to feed her new-born baby after a restless night of listening for her baby's cries."

Been there, done that.
Sometimes it's nice to be proven wrong.

JennaG said...

The birdie is looking very healthy! Good for you guys! Regarding your question, No, I never told my parents--my mom has passed away--and thanks to my step-mother, my dad wouldn't care anymore--he has become much more liberal! My youngest sister got to go to movies and dances all the time.

Jenileigh said...

Awe!! I just love reading about Button. This is a great example of God's mercy and grace! The heart of your family really shines through with the determination to do all you can for Button. I'm praying for Button! May God Bless You All Greatly!
~Love Jenileigh

Dakota's Mom said...

Button is pretty darn cute! What an amazing opportunity for your family! Sounds like Elizabeth already has the mothering instinct going.

Mandalyn said...

The bird looks so great--healthy! Ya'll are obviously doing such a great job taking care of him/her.

How do you teach it to find food on it's own? We find baby birds sometimes, but we take them to a friend to raise and release. I wouldn't know where to start!

Ann Kroeker said...

Whew! Boy am I relieved the bird is making it!

You all are so nurturing and caring. I love to read about this compassion. Warms my heart.