Monday, May 14, 2007

My babies love me!

So, how was your Mother's Day? We didn't do anything "special" around my house. In fact, I spent part of my Mother's Day afternoon cleaning and painting the ceiling at a rental house we own. No breakfast in bed. No spa treatments. No dinner out at a nice restaurant. But I know my family loves me. Know how? Check out the Mother's Day card Matthew made for me...Joshua and Elizabeth made me cards in Sunday school, too.
I thought Matthew's creation was absolutely charming. I suppose his teacher instructed the kids to think about their mom and write down words that describe her. In case you can't read it, I'll tell you what it says - in first grader spelling.

Loveing so much
good looking
nise hare
good mom

The comment that really gets me is the one about nice hair. As I mentioned in my 100 Things post, I had to have all my hair shaved off in February, 2003 for brain surgery. Matthew was two and a half years old at the time and loved my long hair. When I would hold him, he would often bury his face in my hair and was constantly running his fingers through it. Matthew's attachment to my locks made me extra sad to have them shaved off.
However, a month or so after surgery when my hair was about half an inch long, Matthew started running his hand all the way around my head saying, "I like yous (rhymes with "shoes") all gone hair." I had originally planned to grow it long again, but short hair is so much easier, so this is how it's staying. Every now and then Matthew asks me, "Do you remember when you had long hair?" I thought maybe he missed it. Now I'm glad to know he thinks it's nise.
You can't see it in the picture, but Matthew also wrote, "I love you," and "XOXOXOXO" on his card for me. Elizabeth and Joshua's cards were also decorated with those sentiments. And the enthusiasm with which they gave me these greetings assures me of their sincerity. I know my kids love me.

I was talking with another mom the other day about how much it hurts when our kids tell us they hate us. Her child has been saying that to her quite a bit lately. I shared with her about the times my kids have said the same to me, and how much it hurt the day Joshua took the time to find paper and pencil so he could write it all down for me in a note. But I reminded this mom, our kids don't really hate us. When they say they do, what they really mean is they're mad at us or they don't like what we're telling them to do. (Or not do, as the case maybe.) When our kids are calm and thinking reasonably, they know they love us. I have the cards to prove it!!!
And I belive I'll hold on to them to read again on the days when my kids are upset, and saying things to the contrary.

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Corrie said...

How sweet! The nise hare part is SO cute! (and true, of course!)
Thanks for sharing!

Mandalyn said...

I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day! I love the letters that you got! I also read your 100th post! Thank you for sharing about the struggles you had with your children. Raising children is hard (and mine are really small). I appreciate your honesty!