Monday, May 07, 2007

Not Lacking in the Self-Esteem Department - AT ALL!

Matthew is my youngest child. He'll be seven in less than two weeks. YIKES!!! That's hard to believe.
When he was a toddler and my husband and I were introducing him to someone new, it was not uncommon for Matthew to approach the person and climb right up onto their lap or give them a big hug. Brian and I would usually smile and say something like, "He's really shy. We're trying to work with him on that!" He is such an outgoing little guy, and that is one of the things I love about him.

I have recently noticed another area in which I think Matthew is excelling. Let me describe the situation and see if you agree with me.
When I pick the kids up from school, Matthew is usually the first to get to the van. Since Elizabeth is the oldest (and somewhat bossy when it comes to things like seating in the van) she has eternal dibs on the front seat. However, since Matthew gets there first he usually climbs in front with me until Elizabeth arrives. With the weather being so nice recently I often have the windows rolled down, and this situation has prompted Matthew to display his self-confidence.
This is how it goes:
Matthew hops in the van and kisses me. I ask how his day was, he says, "Good!" and jumps into the front seat. Then it is as if he doesn't notice me anymore because he gets nose-to-nose with himself in the side mirror and starts saying, "Hi, Handsome! You're handsome! Wow! Look at you, Handsome!" And today he added a new one. "There isn't even one speck of un-handsome in you!"
So, tell me. Do you think I need to work with him on developiing his self-esteem???



Coach Jenny said...

I think your work is done.
And, please do look me up in heaven. Maybe God will allow us to meet this side. We can ask Him.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny! You should sneak a video camera into the car. That would make his future wife laugh!

momteacherfriend said...

He is cute!
You may need to switch tactics, forget self-esteem. Time to work on pride :P

Funny funny stuff

Corrie said...

That's great! I can just picture it... ha ha.

annie said...

How adorable is that? It makes you want to wrap him up in bubble wrap and tuck him away somewhere so he never experiences hurtful comments from others, hopefully he will be so full of self esteem that it won't affect him much. Kids are so innocent, so precious, so honest. Oh, to be 7 again right?

KarenW said...

My youngest daughter has no clue of what shy means either. I like Lauren's idea of a video camera. He'll just die of humiliation a few years from now. ; )

Tishia said...

That cracks me up and reminds me of my son (he started saying things like that when he was 6 or 7 and he's now 8!!!). The first time I heard him say it to himself in the hallway full length mirrored I about died laughing! A video camera is definitely a good idea!!!

Irritable Mother said...

You guys are giving me an idea. We don't have a video camera, but our digital camera can take videos...Maybe I'll bring it along someday when I'm picking the kids up and I can encourage Matthew to talk to his little friend in the mirror. hmmm.... :)