Saturday, May 05, 2007

Out of the overflow of the heart, the fingers type

Starting with the lesson I learned earlier this week, and combining with a few other thoughts going on in this head of mine, I've been a lot more intentional about the way I'm responding to my kids lately. I don't want to waste a precious moment.
Last night was movie night at our house and I sat on the couch with the boys. There were a few "scary" parts and I loved having them snuggle up closer to me. Towards the end I was quite tired, so I decided to lay down. Joshua let me put my feet on his lap, and Matthew climbed on top of me. I kind of dozed in and out, but I think the movie ended with all the problems being resolved. Just as we expected.
After the movie, Elizabeth wanted to play a new board game she received as a birthday gift. I was nearly asleep, so I planned to stay on the couch while Brian and the kids played the game. But as I lay there, I started thinking. Am I wasting this opportunity? Why should I lay here and listen to them play? I don't want to miss these chances and regret it later. So I got up and asked if it was too late for me to join in. Of course, they welcomed me! I sat with Matthew on my lap and we played Herd Your Horses until 10:00 when it was time for everyone to go to bed.
By this time, I was really tired. The boys wanted their bedtime song sung to them, so I did that. And I tried to cherish the moment. Then I went in to say goodnight to Elizabeth and she wanted to finish a game we'd started earlier in the afternoon. I started to protest, "Honey,I'm really tired." But she looked at me (her eyes are irresistible) and I thought about what really matters, and I sat down to finish the game. (It didn't even take that long. Don't know why I felt the need to protest.) Then I kissed her and said goodnight.
And I actually slept well, and the kids were quiet when they got up this morning! That was nice.
That lesson from earlier this week, Heather, Annie, my thoughts - all are reminding me I want to live my days with purpose. I want to love my kids, and make sure they know it. I don't want to waste a moment.
So, that's on my heart today. Thanks for letting me share.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! I certainly don't want to wish for the opportunities I missed. Thanks for the inspiration!

Nicole said...

Karen, Thank you so much for reminding me to cherish the moments and opportunities to bond with my kiddo's. I'm sure I do a pretty good job, but I do know I sometimes forget. Thanks for the reminder. I loved your blog!!

Mandalyn said...

I think of this often as well. I am fatigued quite a bit raising 2 small children but I don't want to regret missing precious moments with them. Thanks for sharing this!!

annie said...

They grow up so quickly. I cannot believe my oldest is approaching 18 years of age - ugh! I still feel 17 in a lot of ways & even remember it (how miraculous is that?).
Your children are blessed by the love that you show them everyday.

Irritable Mother said...

Lauren ~ You're quite welcome.

Nicole ~ Thanks for visiting. I do hope you'll come back again!

Mandalyn ~ Agreed. I don't want fatigue to rob me of precious moments. I pray for productive sleep!

Annie ~ If I recall correctly, we're going to be re-visiting 16 on your blog this week, aren't we? Do you still remember that???