Thursday, May 31, 2007

Goodbye Button!

Well, the little bird Joshua rescued has a new home.
I talked to the folks at the wildlife rehabilitation and educational center to ask them what we needed to do to prepare Button for release. They told me to bring her in so they could teach her how to be a bird. She needs to know how to get her own food so she isn't dependent upon humans, and doesn't end up as someone else's dinner.
So this evening the whole family got into the van as we drove our little Button to the rehabilitation center. We decided since her care here has been a family affair, it would be nice for all of us to take her away and say goodbye.
The lady at the rehabilitation center was very nice and promised to take good care of Button in preparation for releasing her when she's ready. We're confident Button is in good hands. On the way home we stopped and got ice cream sundaes to celebrate one more step in Button's return home.
In talking with the lady at the rehab center, I learned we should have taken Button to them right when we found her. She gave us the reasons why, and we understand them. If we ever find another orphaned baby bird, we know now what to do. But I am thankful for the opportunity we had to care for this little sparrow we came to know and love. I am thankful for the ways my kids demonstrated compassion, for all the lessons they learned, and for the confidence I'm sure they gained in successfully caring for our Button.
We'll miss her!



Sherri said...

Wow...what an experience that has been!!!

Mandalyn said...

It was so great that you let your kids raise the bird to this point (even though you were suppose to take it to the lady in the first place). :)

Ya'll did a great job!

CoachJ said...

Congratulations on raising that bird! I would have never been brave enough to even try it!

Corrie said...

Hey, that is so cool! What a super experience for your children. Yeah for Button!

annie said...

I really think that even though maybe it would be better for a lot of reasons for button to have gone directly there, maybe not. I mean, your kids learned a lot about nurturing a young animal, button must have gained something by the love your family showed to him/her. I think it is so great that you took such good care of button and were able to send her on to her natural habitat now. High fives all around!

Queen Of My Domain said...

That is wonderful that Button made it and is going to be released soon. Good job to you and your boys in taking such good care of him.

KarenW said...

This has been fun following your story about Button. What an awesome experience for your family. This will be a great memory for them for the rest of their lives.

Jenileigh said...

Great Job!! I have really enjoyed reading about this venture...almost sad that its over but I'm happy for Button!