Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Time Traveling to Sweet Sixteen

Annie has us traveling through time on Tuesdays now. This week we're re-visiting Sweet Sixteen. I just read Annie's memories of her 16th year, and admired all the cute pictures she included. You're going to have to use your imagination here, my friends.
I turned sixteen on September 22, 1987. My hair was shoulder length, parted on the side and feathered back. I think I most often wore purplish eye shadow, and pink blush and lipstick. (I'm imagining my school picture from my junior year...)Weren't the 80's great?!
Let's see, a quick Google search tells me Die Hard was in the theaters. On the one hand we had Tone Loc's Wild Thing on the radio and if you were looking for something a little easier, there was Breathe's Hands to Heaven. Ronald Reagan was the President and Iran Contra news was all over.
For me personally, I was a junior in high school, and I finally got my driver's license. Since I'm a September baby, I was one of the youngest in my class. ALL my friends got their driver's licenses when we were sophomores and I hated waiting. What made it worse is, I was born on my parents' ninth wedding anniversary. Do the math...That made my sixteenth birthday their twenty-fifth anniversary. As if that is a big deal or something, my parents went away for a week to celebrate. Since you have to have a parent with you to take your driving test, I had to wait another entire week to get my license. I thought I was going to die!
I survived.

We performed The Music Man for the fall musical. I choreographed the show and played Zaneeta - the Mayor's oldest girl. In the spring we did Godspell, which I also choreographed, and in which I played Sonya. Anyone familiar with these shows sense some type-casting?
I have often wondered how much more meaningful Godspell would've been to me if I'd been a follower of Jesus when I was in the show. Oh, I was a church-goer at the time, but I didn't have a personal relationship with Jesus. That would come in two more years.
Also during my junior year, I was in the Madrigal Singers, the concert choir, and an extra curricular girls singing group called (appropriately) Sweet Sixteen. The concert choir traveled to Chicago to perform with other high school groups in the spring of 1988. That was lots of fun.
Pretty much, at sixteen, if I was singing or chasing boys I was happy.
How about you???

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annie said...

I didn't get my license until my junior year either... my birthday is aug. 9.
I still think you should post yourself singing. I'm thinking you must have a pretty voice!
Fun memories Karen, thanks for playing!

Coach Jenny said...

I like Annie's request. Can we hear YOU?
I can picture the hair. ;) And it sounds like a great year for you, except no Jesus. But, I was right there with ya, sister!

Lauren S. said...

Fun to read! I only had to wait an extra day for my license, and I thought I was going to die as well! How dramatic teenage girls can be! :)

Irritable Mother said...

Annie and Coach ~ No. I will certainly let you know if I'm ever in your home state speaking for a moms group. I would love for you to come and hear me, and then you can hear me sing. But I don't like to hear recordings of myself, and therefore will NOT be posting anything of the sort! *Just call me chicken*

Lauren ~ Dramatic is right! I am embarrassed when I recall some of the things I did *dramatically* as a teenager.