Wednesday, April 16, 2008

5K? No Way!...Well, Maybe

When I was in the eighth grade I was on the track team. I ran the mile and sometimes the mile relay, and I didn't like either one of them.
In fact, I didn't like running at all.
Still don't.
So can someone please tell me what is going on in my head right now???

Perhaps a little background will help.
As you may know, I have been working out with a personal trainer at my husband's studio for several months now. I have absolutely loved working out this way. (Even though it has meant getting up at 5:35 a.m.!) Though I have hardly lost any weight, my body has changed and I am definitely stronger than I was in November. Well, Jessica is getting ready to graduate and has cut way back on her hours. Since I am not a "paying client" that means I am not working out until Brian hires a replacement.
Not wanting to lose progress, I decided I would start a running regimen until said replacement is hired. We have a half-mile path near our house, so Monday morning I got up and ran that path three times. This morning I ran it four times. (And came home and did 22 unmodified push-ups!)
When I told Brian I ran the path four times, he asked me if I was going to start training for a 5K run.

I laughed.

But now I'm thinking, I don't know. Maybe I could do that.

Someone needs to save me. Quick! (OK, not Save me. Jesus already did that!) I cannot let myself turn into a r-r-r-runner. I hate running. What am I doing???

I know. I'm praying Brian's next interview with a potential trainer goes really well so I can be free of this madness. LOL

Seriously - Are you a runner? Ever trained for a long-distance event? Any tips to steer me toward or away from pursuing this crazy idea???

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Sandy said...

Hi Karen! Great idea!! My suggestion is to find someone to run with, on the same level. It's easy to reach the goal. I've done a lot of runs ... and I love my time in the am's w/running partners. We're also out the door at 5:30!
Go girl!! :)

Ceri said...

Haha! I'm with you totally on this one. I've been doing (and loving) circuit training for a while, but running - I agree with you totally! I hate it...

So of course, it's not crazy at all that I've signed up to run the 5k Race for Life (in aid of Cancer Research UK) in June this year. Aaargh!

I guess my only tip for your training is find some good music you can listen to to take away the torture element of it! ;-)

Oh, and if you ever find someone or something to wake you from your crazy thoughts, send them my way too...

kt said...

Are you my long lost twin? I always said I HATED running too....then Jan. 2007---I started doing it! WoW!

I suggest GOOD running shoes & a race! YES a 5k! The madness is infectious! You can also google a couch to 5k plan & GO FOR IT!

(found you from Mary Hess blog: Audience of One, btw)

ANd I'm ALSO doing the ONE year bible!

StaceyStace said...

How funny! I ran today for the first time in a LONG time because I hate running, but an upcoming vacation has me wanting to tone up! The great motivation for me was that my son ran with me.

luvmy4sons said...

I have a few that might give you pause. I used to run till I ruptured a disc. After back surgery my neurosurgeon told me after the age of forty you do your body more harm than good by running. Our joints are too old! I don't know how old you are...I hthnk you are younger than I am. I ruptured my disc though before I was forty. I now bike on a stationary bike thirty minutes a day 6 days a week! I do push ups too, but 20 is my limit with a few seconds break every 6 or so! Way to go! Sounds like you are more than in shape!

Nicki said...

Hey Karen! YES GO FOR IT!!! I did the Cooper Bridge Run in Charelston SC, and it was a blast!! My hubby is a big runner and was always doing all kinds of races and so I gave it a try!

We no longer live in a neighborhood that is good for running so unfortunately I haven't kept it up but the "runner's high" is real!! Have fun!

momteacherfriend said...

Go for it!
You can totally do it. The great thing about running is, you can always slow down and walk if needed.

Just think you could beat Brad in the church's fun run if you start now.

Way to put last weeks sermon into action.

Jodi said...

I am not a runner, I tried, but shin splints stopped me cold. So now all I do is walk.

Good luck with whatever you end up doing!

Happyhome said...

I say go for it Karen! What an awesome sense of accompmlishment it would be. You go girlfriend!

Rochelle said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! I have been catching up with your blog... and GO YOU!!!! I starting running about 9 months ago and I haven't looked back since. I love love love running. My biggest advice is to eat what you need to eat to run and wear the right equiptment. Shoes are everything. DO NOT GET CHEAP SHOES. Get fitted at a store that specializes in running. Get enough calories. Trust me, I have done all of the above and have the injuries to prove it. Also, stick to a schedule. You can go under, but not over. Your body needs time to heal and restore itself between runs. Again... I have the injuries to prove it. Running can be so beneficial when we do it right. And I use that time to listen to His voice. I crave that time with Him.

Have you check out Go to there couch to 5K program. It's all spelled out and it works. I have known many people, including me, who did this and now we are all running. Keep posting!!

ibeeeg said...

I am so not a runner! I do not have the right assests on top (shall i say) to be conducive for running. However, I have been finding myself thinking of running - with the right support (much money) and well fitted proper shoes (even more money) and following the
The couch-To-5K Running Plan.

I have not done it yet because I am afraid of shelling out the money for the support,shoes and then...NOT DO IT. Ugh.