Thursday, April 10, 2008

To "Burnt Out Mom"

Dear Burnt Out Mom,
You visited this blog last night and poured your heart out in the comment section. You told me about the hard times you are going through right now and asked me to email you. I have been praying for you today and I would love to email you, too, but I do not have your email address.
I am praying you will come by here again and see this note to you. Please email me (Just click on "View my complete profile" to the right.) and I will be happy to reply to you.
For the rest of you reading, please pray that this dear woman sees this post!

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luvmy4sons said...


Rachel said...

I will gladly pray for her simply because her title sounds like my life!!!! Right there with ya, "Burnt Out Mom". I don't even know where her comment is....but I'm sure I know what kind of tune is sung there!
Rachel <><

Jodi said...

Saying lots of prayers!