Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm "It"

No, I am not on an ego trip. I am not saying I'm "It" as in - I'm all that is good and wonderful!
I mean, I'm "It" as in - I was the last one touched in the game of tag at the bus stop this morning, and as the boys were running to the bus one of them called out, "Mrs. Hossink is It when we play tomorrow!"

We had made our half-mile trek to the bus stop and God, in His usual goodness, managed to calm every one's spirits and improve our attitudes as we walked. When we arrived, the other little boy who is usually there touched Joshua and called, "You're It!" as he ran in the opposite direction. Joshua quickly tagged Matthew and ran. Then I heard, "Awww, Matthew. You don't need to cry."
Matthew, being the little guy, doesn't like to be to It. He can't run as fast as the others and ends up being It for the whole game. It just isn't fun being It for so long. So he was upset.
I remember being the littlest one, and not liking it. So I stepped in and said, "Betcha can't get me!" Amazingly, he did!
Hmmmm, I wonder how that happened! *grin*
Now the race was on. I chased Joshua and the other boy and we went back and forth with the tagging. I sort of think the other boy was surprised that I was playing tag, as if a grown adult shouldn't be playing a child's game, but he seemed to get over it quickly enough.
And I'm telling you, fourth grade boys can really run. I took it easy on Matthew so he could tag me, but I was huffing and puffing to tag the older boys. Seriously, before I started playing I thought, Hey, I just ran two and a half miles this morning and came home and did twenty-six push-ups. (Un-modified, Thank you!) Surely, I can take these kids on in a game of tag.
But when the bus came around the corner, I wasn't just happy to see the kids off to school - I was breathing heavy and thankful for an end to the game!

Yeah, an end until tomorrow morning. Because I am still It.
And I'm sure the boys won't forget it!

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Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Oh, they won't let you forget for sure. They have iron-clad memories :)

Way to go taggin' momma :) Kids do love to play tag. When I ask my 6-year-old what he played at recess each day, his face scrunches up and he says, "Mommmm... you know.... tag!"

luvmy4sons said...

That is wonderful. What a blessing to everyone! Way to go, mom!

km said...

All that training for the 5k is all about playing tag. I once read that if you want a great work-out follow you kids around the playground for 45 minutes. You just proved that. I'm sure your kids will remember this for a long time.

Anonymous said...

What a fun mom!

Becoming Me said...

Uh oh...your meanie mom rep is in serious jeopardy now! :-)

Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...

You sound like such a FUN mom, definitely NOT an irritable one!!! :) Thanks for stopping by yesterday, Nancy. Andrew is 12 and a GEM! Now, the down side of Mr. Responsiblity is that he is Mr. Bossy with his siblings and that drives them CRAZY, which drives me CRAZY when I have to referee!!!!

Blessings, Sweet Sister!

Jodi said...

What fun!!! I hope you were able to catch someone!!