Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Desperate!

For those of you visiting from Angela's place, Welcome! I hope you will find encouragement here for whatever you're facing today.
On Mondays I usually post a video devotion, and today you get to hear me admit that I am a desperate housewife. Thanks so much for stopping by, and please, come again.

Father in heaven, thank You for being our Father. Thank You for Your amazing love. Thank You for the blood of Jesus which covers all our sin and makes us new. Thank You that You don’t see us dirty – as failures – but You see us with grace because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for us.
God, I am asking You right now to speak Your love to my friend. I am asking You to assure her of Your presence and Your power and Your peace in her life. When she is feeling like a failure, when she is upset because she “lost it” again, Lord, will You remind her that Your grace is sufficient to carry her? Will You comfort her with the understanding that You are good – all the time – and You will make her good enough? Lord, please show her how to rest in your grace. Teach her to trust in Your mercies which are new for her every morning.
We fall short as mothers, Lord. Every day. And You know it. We struggle to be perfect. We try, but we can’t do it. Forgive us, Lord, for losing control, for not loving our children as we know we should. And help us, I pray, to fall into your arms of grace. We can’t do this on our own strength. We need You. And so we come – desperate and needy – thankful for Your amazing grace.
Thank You, Jesus. Amen and amen.

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luvmy4sons said...

Amen to your lovely prayer...thank you so much for your willingness to be trasnparent before us and our God!

Leah said...

Aren't you so glad that His mercies ARE new every day?! Sometimes every minute is when I need new mercies.

Stop by over at my place and read my latest rant! I think as a mom you will be able to I-D-E-N-T-I-F-Y. Would love to hear your input.


Jessica said...

LOL You desperate housewife. I'll be back later to watch this.

My ADHD Me said...

Good Morning.

"....The Mercy with My Name on It..."

Thanks, even though the post I wrote this weekend was written in jest, it was true. THIS post made it seem not quite so overwhelming!

Have a great day!!

God's girl said...

Love the prayer! I still haven't completed my Psalm. I'm dragging my feet on it (even though I know that once I do it, I'm going to be glad I did)

Mrs. Sidney said...

Perfect.. what a great post and a great way to get through our crazy mornings.

Happyhome said...

I think desperate before the Lord is a very good place to be. Love the verse in Lamentations and am so very thankful for those fresh new mercies!


Anonymous said...

OK...I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face because today, this is EXACTLY how I feel...I just got through praying very hard & then decided to visit you & wow!! JUST WHAT I NEEDED!!!!
THank you, Karen!!!

Patricia in ny

Proverbs 27:19 said...

Karen, it was okay for you to "say my name" in your prayer, this way others will pray for me as well.

Really, I know that prayer is for all moms, but it really felt personal, thank you, Karen.

I was whining today about my sticky kitchen floor, (apple-juice is the culprit), I felt frustrated because I'd just mopped it and did not feel like doing it again so soon. I said, "uuuuggghhhh, I'm so tired of mopping this floor!"

But now, I have to rebuttle that with, "but thank You Father for a floor to mop."


Anonymous said...

Love the way you put it, He has one with our name on it. . love that!!
Have a Blessed week:)