Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On My Father's Lap

I have told you before about Mindy, right? My puppy who sits on my lap during my quiet times? The one God has used to show me amazing Truths about His love for me - particularly that it is entirely possible for Him to love me when I am not doing anything more than simply sitting in His presence?

Well, He did it again. God used that sweet little puppy to speak to my heart.

I was sitting in my chair and Mindy was curled up on my lap. She was quiet and comfortable and I was rubbing her back as I prayed. My conversation with God centered around concerns and worries that were in my heart at the moment, and my eyes were filling with tears because of my fear and uncertainty.
As I was asking God to be my comfort and to remind me I can trust Him, there was a noise in the other room and Mindy started to growl. I knew the noise came from Matthew. He was just moving some stuff around. So I held Mindy a little tighter and told her, "It's OK, Mindy. It's OK." And she calmed down.

Can you see where this is going?

As I sat there with tears in my eyes, speaking words of comfort to my dog and holding her close, God held me and spoke to my heart.
Mindy was upset by the noise coming from the other room, but I knew there was no need for her to fear. Matthew was not going to harm her in any way. I knew something she did not, and I was able to be calm for her and offer a comforting presence.
In the same way, I realized God knows what I do not. He knows how these uncertain circumstances are going to work out for me. He knows there is no reason for me to fear or worry, rather that I can trust Him fully to take care of me. And with that understanding, I was able to switch places with Mindy in my mind. I was able to imagine myself seated on the lap of my Father, to allow Him to hold me tighter and rub my back, and say to me, It's OK, Karen. It's OK.
Strange to think my tears increased at that point, rather than going away. But they did.
Thankful tears this time.
I stayed there a while, on my Father's lap - with Mindy on mine - and enjoyed the peace His presence brings. And as I went through my day I reflected back on that moment often.
My circumstances haven't been resolved yet. I'm still living in uncertainty. But I know everything is going to be OK, because my Father said so.
And I can trust Him.

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luvmy4sons said...

I am sorry you are living with uncertainty but I too know you are held in the Father's arms. I have experienced this very thing you speak of. It is wonderful. You put it so beautifully! Thank you. Praying God help to quickly show you the path and resolve your uncertainty.

Amanda said...

What a powerful way of thinking... I love the imagery in this Karen!

With all my travels lately I have worried about the kids...that they will get lost, that a stranger will abduct them, that they will get hurt...and so many times of late I have stopped and said, "Why worry? You tell me not to worry Father! I do everything I can to ensure safety and security, and leave everything to You."

I think you helped me see that He is my FIRST line of defense against the worries in this world!

many blessings-

Jerralea said...

Great word! I think for me the difficulty is making myself sit down in His lap and just wait there with Him ...

Chatty Kelly said...

You forgot the ending. That's where God said "Good girl, Karen, good girl!" :-)

Melanie said...

This was great!

Proverbs 27:19 said...

Karen, your honesty is greatly appreciated as well your courage!

Funny how we are connected today. You should read what my heart had to say today.


Jessica said...

Wow! What an amazing experience. God is pretty cool how he speaks to us, right? Reminds me of a donkey... LOL

My ADHD Me said...

I wonder how often God speaks to me and I don't hear him.

This was a great post.

Happyhome said...

Awesome Karen! Will post a link to this over at Gateway Girlfriends. Many hugs and prayers. Love ya!

Brittney said...

Wow, thank you for that. It is sometimes VERY hard for me to simply trust that he sees what I don't.