Friday, March 13, 2009

Write Your Own Psalm, Day Five - The Big BUT!

Good news! We're finished lamenting and now we've made it to the big BUT! You may recall my joy with making it to the big BUT when I was going through Psalm 31. I shared about it in this post.
David poured his heart out to God in lament - being completely honest about his pain and anguish - and then he declared, "But I trust in you, O LORD, I say you are my God." (Psalm 31:14) And he spent the next four verses declaring his trust. Take time to read Psalm 31:14-18, reflecting on your ability to trust God to take care of the circumstances and challenges in your life.
As you write this portion of your psalm, recall the laments you have written over the past three days and ask God how you can trust Him to meet those needs. While you were writing the laments, I encouraged you to not look for solutions. Today I am hoping you will invite God into those moments so He can show you how you can trust Him with each one.
Here's my big BUT:

But I trust in You, Lord.
Though my heart is bruised, still my hope is in You.
Even though I struggle as a mother, still I find peace in You.
I am a broken woman, yet I know You will make me whole.

You are good - all the time, Lord. And my complete trust is in You.
You, Yourself - You, Lord hold my every day in Your hands. You know my past and the reasons for the bruises on my heart. And You can bring healing and restoration. Yes, Lord, please bring it.
Let Your face shine upon me. Fill me, Lord, with all that is missing from my past. Let me find my satisfaction in You, alone. Let me not be dependent on the love of others, but let me be fully satisfied with Your love.
For Your love is eternal, unchanging, perfect and true. Your love is better than life. Your love, Lord, is beyond my comprehension and I am so thankful that You want to pour Your love out on me!

Lord, You know my future, too. You know how my children are going to "turn out." You know how our relationship will be and I can trust You to take care of it all. I can have peace because You are God. Father, I commit my children to You - and my future with them. Shine Your face upon us all. Keep us in Your hands. Lead us in Your ways. Guard our steps, Lord, and use us for Your glory!
I do not need to fear the future, Lord, because you are God - Creator of heaven and earth - Maker of the universe - Holder of time. Even my future days are in Your hands and I have peace about those days because I trust You.

And You, Lord, You are God of the present moment, too. You see me as I am - a broken woman - yet covered by the blood of Jesus. I am broken, yet I wear a robe of righteousness. Not my own robe, but the one Jesus died to give me.
So I am fully redeemed right now from the sin of my past and present and future. And You are continuing to redeem me - to make me fully Yours - to complete me and shape me into the woman You want me to be. And I trust You, Lord. I trust You with my present moment and I believe You are doing a good thing. A very good thing.
Let Your love cover me and fill me up, Lord.
Yes, Lord. I trust in You!

OK, girlfriend. You've poured your heart out to God. You've made it to the big BUT. Now let God pour His love out on you. As you seek Him today for this portion of your psalm, watch for the ways He answers the concerns of your heart.
You may find it encouraging to re-visit the words you write today several times this weekend. Be sure to come back Monday. We're going to celebrate God together as we write the final section of this psalm.

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Proverbs 27:19 said...

Yaaaaay, I was glad to make it to this section. I'll be posting it later.

I felt alot better writing this part and almost felt ashamed of myself for yesterday's portion, but I know it was needed and it brung about the feelings I have this morning.

Thanks again Karen and thanks to your mentor as well.


luvmy4sons said...

That is what I lvoe about David's Pslams...they always end with that big got to get rid of the ick and then let God fill you with HIs good! Hugs to you.

God's girl said...

I am still catching up on mine. It's been hard to get through. (In a good way though).

On a positive note, guess what I got in the mail? Yea! I started reading it and you could have been writing my words:)

I especially enjoyed the Autograph part:) Now I have bragging rights:)

Blessings, Heaven

Stacey said...

I have to say, the "buts" are some of my most favorite parts of the Bible! It always, always comes back to God. Thank you for inviting us to share in this process with you.

Winging It said...

"You, Lord, You are God of the present moment, too. You see me as I am - a broken woman - YET COVERED by the blood of Jesus. I am broken, yet I wear a robe of righteousness. Not my own robe, but the one Jesus died to give me."

AMEN for me,too!!

I too treasure the Psalms for the very fact of the BUT! It is so encouraging, and always has been to see that a man for great faith, pleasing to God, could pour out his heart, and it's OK, even desired by God, and THEN remind himself why his faith is rightly placed in The One we adore!

Susan said...

Wow, this was great!!!

Rachel - Heart Assessment said...

I JUST wrote (a few posts ago) about this very passage. It's called, "Do you have a YET?" So good to see other believers in the same place!!!! God is so GOOD <><

Great to see your blog.... it's been awhile.