Monday, March 16, 2009

Write Your Own Psalm, Day Six - Celebrating God's Faithfulness

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annie said...

Happy Monday morning Karen. I enjoyed seeing you and hearing you this morning.

luvmy4sons said...

Though I did not participae directly step by step I so enjoyed following along! You are such an inspiration and a wonderful source of comfort and wisdom! God is faithful for sure! He has shown me again and again!

Proverbs 27:19 said...

I love the besieged city analogy. Perhaps because that is my "hometown" as well.

Thanks Karen for this wonderful faith check. I love you.


Tami said...

I have been doing the 'speed' version of 6 days of Psalm writing, and while I have yet to write my Psalm I wanted to thank you for being the healing balm I had been seeking. God has used this week of posts (which I have read in one sitting) to take me to the place I have been missing. I have lamented to friends for a while that I have felt stuck in a place I felt I no longer belonged, but couldn't seem to find my way out. Your posts on lamenting were a breath of fresh air. I too want to just focus on the joy of my salvation and tend to steer away from the lamenting. Your encouragement to go there lead me to posting today my thoughts on how Lamenting Leads to Leaping!

Now I am off to begin writing my Psalm. Not sure when it will be complete, but I am excited about taking the leap with our Lord!

LisaShaw said...

Very nice message Karen. I enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to hearing you speak April 27th. While I'm long beyond raising little one's as we have an adult daughter with two small baby girls of their own and we have a teen daughter preparing for college in just under two years but I will enjoy getting together with you and other Mom's although I've already survived Motherhood (smile) and all it's blessings and a few challenges and I'm now also enjoying being Grandma.

Take care dear sister.