Monday, March 02, 2009

Weekend Report

Look who I met this weekend! It's Shane, from Heart Reflections. She and her mom came to the Kaleidoscope Conference where I was speaking, and Shane sat in on my Confessions talk.I was in my room chatting with a couple of women when Shane walked in. It was delightful to meet her, and I was thrilled that she made the trip to Michigan for the conference. As soon as I got over my excitement, though, I asked Shane if I could put her to work. There was no one designated to run Power Point for me and, while my mother-in-law said she would skip her Focus Group to do it, I told her I thought my friend would be willing to help. (Yes, I can be a bit presumptive. Make note of that fact, in case you ever come to hear me speak...I might just put you to work, too! *grin*)
It was so much fun for me to meet "the woman behind the blog," to talk face-to-face, and to discover that Shane really is as warm and kind as she seems in her writing. I hope God will bless me with opportunities to meet other blogging friends. Truly, I love the fellowship we have over the internet, but there's nothing quite like wrapping your arms around a sister's neck!

The theme for the conference was A Spirit of Trust, and as I reflect on everything that took place, I know trusting is what I need to do.
When I went to set up on Friday night, I was invited to join the committee members for a prayer meeting that was about to take place. God's perfect timing, you know. We had a wonderful time of individual and corporate prayer and as I left that place, I was confident God had heard us and that He would be at work among us Saturday morning.

But Saturday morning, I was tempted to be disappointed.

My talks, themselves, went well. Women in the audience seemed to be tracking with me and responding positively. That was all good. But as soon as my sessions were over, they needed to report to the next event on the schedule, which didn't leave time for me to interact with anyone regarding their reaction to the words I spoke.
While I love speaking, I can honestly tell you - my favorite part of any speaking event is the time I have to talk personally with women after it's all over. I love to hear how God has ministered to their hearts and given them hope that they "aren't alone" in this mothering thing. And as my Foucs Group attendees cleared out of the room to move on with the rest of the conference, I sadly realized I was going to miss that blessing this time around.
But as I sat and listened to the Key Note speaker at the end of the conference talking about trusting in the Lord, and not leaning on our own understanding, it was as if He was saying to me, Karen, don't lean on what you think is the measuring rod for whether or not I'm moving. Don't trust in the words of women. Trust in Me. I was listening last night. I brought these women here. Each one of them. I have been speaking to them today, just like I am speaking to you right now. Meeting them where they needed Me, just like I'm meeting you now. Trust Me, darling. I am moving and I know what I'm doing.
That's just the way God works, isn't it? He knows what we need, when we need it. He knows when and how to speak to us. And I trust that God was speaking through me, and each of the other speakers at Kaleidoscope - delivering to every woman exactly the life-giving words she needed to hear.

And that is my Weekend Report - Trust in the LORD with all your heart. He is faithful!!!

BTW, I know I have been posting a video devotion on Mondays lately, so maybe you were expecting one today. Fear not - tomorrow's What's on Your Mind '09? assignment is to write a devotion. I have it in my head, and if I can get the time to record it today, I'll post it here tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Karen, This is SO what I needed to hear today! THANK YOU! Struggling and glad to know I'm not alone. BTW, I am blessed enough to have Shane in my very own church community and she is THE BEST!! So glad you two got to meet each other!

Jessica Nelson said...

Great post. :-) Very cool about Shane helping you out.
Just so you know, I can't do powerpoint. LOL But when you come down feel free to give me some duties, if you need to.
Glad you all had a great time!

LisaShaw said...

Karen, I've been "there" in the past and the Lord spoke to my heart as well.

I recall one time when I was ministering to a group of women at their church women's bible study and everyone was silent and seemed like they were starring at me. You could have heard a pin drop with the exception of my voice. As I closed out in prayer I remember for an instant thinking, I have bored these women not to tears but into total silence.

As I prayed women began to come forward flocking to the altar with speed and with incredible outpour unto the Lord in worship.

Afterwards women came up to share with me all the "specifics" God was speaking to them as I ministered to them through His Spirit.

I was praising the LORD!

Later that week the woman who invited me called me to thank me again and she said to me, you were probably wondering if anyone was even awake? uh? I didn't know what to say. She said it's just the way our group is when they are really LISTENING!

Wow! That was powerful.

You see things are not always the way we'd prefer or even what we're accustom to BUT as long as GOD is in not only in it but in charge of it then all works out for our good.

I'm so glad things went well. I was praying for you on the 28th as well.

Bless you.

Larie Carlice Proverbs 27:19 said...

I am happy that all went well and that you and Shane were able to meet face to face! I can imagine how great that was.

I was looking forward to our "face to face" study today, your Monday video posts are awesome, but glad to know that we may see it tomorrow.


Ronel said...

It can be so easy for our expectations to comein the way of what He is doing... I had this same revelation this morning about my marriage. I need to know He has a plan and it isn't the same as :-) !!

Anonymous said...

Karen, it sounds like a wonderful conference. To get that affirmation from God instead of your audience is the best gift!! You and Shane look beautiful! I would also love to meet more of my blogging sisters!!

It is going to be a blessed week.

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

That is so neat. It is fabulous to meet bloggy friends.

luvmy4sons said... I understand. I am so glad that you heard that message from the Lrod and shared it. It makes me feel comforted to know that I am not alone when I do the same thing. I am so ashamed sometimes that I seek the approval of man instead of faithfully serving my Lord and not worrying about affirmation. Bless you sweet sister! Thanks too for your encouragement on my blog! Love you too!

Edie said...

How cool to get opportunities to meet friends you make through blogging.

One of the best parts about teaching, is how much we learn. :)

Have a great week Karen!

Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience with God recently... but yours sounds better! lol

You are such a sweety!

Winging It said...

Karen, I can so relate to this...I was so happy for you to see what The Lord showed you, I was thinking along those lines and it thrilled my heart to see how He met your need. It also ministered to me, because I had a very difficult situation when I was blessed to speak this past Saturdy. I too was unable to have the interaction with the women after I spoke (which is the best part, I agree), due to a scheduleing conflict the conference had. I just had to trust God.

So glad for you to meet Shane and have her help, too!

Be blessed always, Karen!