Friday, March 06, 2009

The Writing Plan

With the hopes that you aren't tired of me plugging this write-your-own-psalm journey, I want to give one more invitation to join the adventure - as well as a little more explanation.
My intent in sharing this opportunity is not to begin a blog carnival. In fact it has nothing to do with blogging, except for the fact that I'm using my blog to reach out with the idea. My hope is that you will use the thoughts and suggestions I write about next week to spur you on in your own personal time with the Lord.
If you have a blog and you want to post your psalm as you write it, that's fine! I just want to be clear that I'm inviting you to participate for what God wants to do in your heart - that's all. I don't want someone to NOT do this activity because they don't want to share their writing, or because they don't have a blog.

Are we clear?


Now then, a little explanation about what you can expect from me next week...
I see Psalm 31 as four distinct sections, and that's how I wrote my psalm. I will discuss each section as we come to it, I'll share some or all of what I wrote in my psalm, and I will encourage you to spend time seeking God as He leads you in your own writing. Just so you know, I spent three days in one of those sections and I'm going to encourage you to do the same thing.
So we'll meet here Monday through Friday next week, and return the following Monday for a final celebration.
You can also expect me to be praying for you. In fact, I already have been. God knows which of you are joining me on this journey so I know He hears my prayers for you. But if you would like me to pray for you by name, please leave me a comment letting me know you're writing a psalm, or send me an email, and you can expect me to be praying for you personally.

May the joy of the LORD fill your heart this weekend.

See you back here Monday!

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Mrs. Sidney said...

I am excited about writing my own psalm... can't wait!! Have a good weekend.

Proverbs 27:19 said...

Pray for me by name please!


Amanda said...

OK. Three days for Psalm 31. I'm gonna do it!

Love to you and yours-

God's girl said...

Count me in. How exciting.


Sarah Martin said...

I love this Karen! Can't wait what God will do this next week! Blessings to everyone envolved. I will check back in through out the week!

Mary Beth said...

I have been enjoying the Psalm journey. Beautiful words.

I have decided that I will write a Proverb... specifically the Proverbs 32 Man. I'll let you know when it is finished.