Monday, June 21, 2010

Even the Darkness Will Not Be Dark



2Thinks said...

You know what? You are so awesome. I have missed your blog so very much and am happy to be back.

Yep. I have a darkness thingy. My first response is to pack up and move away. But it is true what you are sharing here. God is not overwhelmed by it, as I am. I want to learn to respond as he, too. One thing I have learned, if I get away from daily time with the Word, I get lost in a sea of franic panic. I'm swimming to shore, even now.

You are such an encouragement. And I finally found the word for what you do here. You vlog. Fash has a friend who has a vlog (video blog). I'd like to try it sometime.

Keep on and thanks! All this for's amazing.

Patricia/NYC said...

What a wonderful way to start my day today!!!

I too am *trying* so hard to respond to situations with the peace & grace of His's so hard sometimes, but this is a great reminder!

Thanks, Karen!!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

you are always full of such truth. thank you karen for your great videos!

Irritable Mother said...

Heidi - It's good to see you!
Those first responses are hard to manage sometimes, aren't they? So thankful for God's Word which carries me back to shore. Every time.
Thanks for your encouraging words. I'm seeing some darkness today, and your kindness is like light.

Patricia - Yes. It is hard sometimes. But by His grace and strength - we can do all things. Amen?

Beth - Filled by His grace! Thanks for the encouragement.

Sara K. said...

Yes! What a beautiful truth! God already knows the outcome of the situations that cause us concern... and none of our discomfort is in vain. He has perfect plans for each of us. He desires to comfort us, and He is completely worthy of our trust! Thank you, Lord!

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Time to be honest: Verse 12 is just hard to memorize for me. It doesn't seem to flow well, but I'm getting there.

I love your take on it and how appropriate your reminder of God's capability in the midst of our situations.

Can't wait to see you in Sept!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Irritable Mother said...

Sara - Amen!

Leah - Honesty is good. I imagine the extra effort will be worth it.
And I am so looking forward to September, as well. *very big grin*

Angie Muresan said...

I am going through a dark time myself at the moment, but I am praying and trusting in God. He knows what I need better than I do, and He will come through for me.

Amanda said...

Thanks for this Karen. It spoke volumes to me!!


Irritable Mother said...

Angie - Yes. He does and He will. Keep holding on to Him, my friend.

Amanda - I'm so glad!

Mary Voogt said...

Just what I needed to hear right now. My situation feels a bit overwhlming and scary. I'm so glad it doesn't scare God. I hope to continue to see his light in the darkness.