Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm Feeling...BUT God

I'm sitting here with a desire to write. My longing is to share something which will encourage and uplift you. I want to come up with some profound spiritual insight which will be an 'Ah-ha!' moment for you.

But, ya know what?
I'm just not feeling it.

Instead, I'm feeling rather blah. I'm not particularly upset or disappointed about anything. Not really anxious or worried.
But not very inspirational, either.

I'm just feeling kind of...blah.

Have you been here?

However, as I sit here in the midst of my blah-ness, I am reminded of a very important Truth.

God is good. All the time.

God's goodness, His power, His faithfulness, His wisdom, His grace and mercy - everything about Him is perfect all the time.
And it encourages my heart to know that even though my feelings may change like the wind, God is always the same.
How thankful am I that I can count on Him to always love me, to always care for me, to always know what's best for me, and to always bring it about.

Today I'm feeling blah. BUT God is good. He is faithful. He is trustworthy.
And tomorrow, regardless of how I'm feeling? God will be the same.

So today I'm going to praise Him. I'm going to thank Him for loving me based upon His will to love me - not based upon my feelings or behaviors. And I'm going to trust that He will use even this blah feeling of mine, and the lesson He's teaching me through it, to shape me into the woman He wants me to be.

How are you feeling today?



Leah Adams said...

The blahs have been a rather frequent visitor in my psyche of late. They seem to be comers-and-stayers, rather than comers-and-goers. However, I, too, am so thankful that God is good and that He is faithful. thanks for the reminder, friend.


luvmy4sons said...

I have had many blah days, but lately I battle anxiety. Today I am feeling anxious about many many things going on in my life. HA! My last post about letting go of others choices, well it is a daily battle. NO! A moment to moment battle. I will yet praise Him, though, right along with you, for in His presence is fullness of joy. Hugs.

Karen Hossink said...

Leah - Yes, and our current verse in Ps. 139 is often where I find myself - saying the darkness will hide me. But I know what is TRUE, and I'm holding on to HIM!!!

Leslie - That's the thing. When I focus on His presence, rather than the things of my life - I find joy!

Sara K. said...

Blah? Yes. I'm pretty tired today. Fighting a nasty cold... AND my 2-year-old was up three times last night with the flu. Poor little fella! But aside from such tiredness, I do experience "the blahs" too. I feel uncomfortable with the blahs -- I think I expect that as a Christian I should just spring out of bed every morning, cheerfulness radiating from me like sunshine. But my husband would point me toward having a heart of thankfulness for God's goodness. :) And, as you said, it is so good to know that God's huge love for us never changes, even when we're feeling blah! (i.e. He ain't gonna leave us!)

All the time, God is good! :)

Anonymous said...

Can I so relate!! As I am trying to prepare for our monthly women's ministry meeting which is scheduled for this evening, like you I pray for the right words to speak into the lives of these beautiful ladies in hopes of bringing a bit of encouragement. Presently, my thought closet is empty...but...I agree "God is good, all the time"!! Remember...Walk by faith and not by sight. He shows up just at the right time!! Blessings to you, Sweet Karen and to the beautiful ladies on your blog!!

Debby Ann

km said...

I know exactly how a case of the blahs feel. I too am so thankful that God NEVER changes. A woman's ministry friend from church said when you're just not *feeling it* Theology books. God never changes and knowledge trumps feelings any day.

Patricia said...

Oh yeah...the blahs...definitely been there. And today? Today I'm feeling a little on the "defeated" side. So, I pulled out my daily devotional book & checked the reading for June 2nd. Here's what it said:

"There are no limits to what God can do in and through you. In his strength you have power to do things you could never do on your own."

I'd say that was a perfect reading for me today!! And, of course, after reading that I felt MUCH better!

Hang in there, my friend, and let's all be thankful that He is the same always & forever! :)
Love ya!

Jean said...

You know Karen, I have definitely been there before but yet I never put that kind of spin on it like you did. That is why I love to read your blog, you are inspirational even when you think you are not or even when you do not feel like you are.
Thank You!

Karen Hossink said...

Sara - Mmm. Sorry about your rough night. I hope your little fella is soon feeling better!
I know what you mean about wanting to spring out of bed radiating cheerfulness every day. But it just doesn't happen. That's why I am so glad God's goodness doesn't depend on my mood. *sigh*

Debby Ann - And at just the right time, HE will put the necessary thoughts into your thought closet.
Because He's good like that.

KM - Ah, yes! Knowledge trumps feeling, for sure. But I am so thankful that God still cares about my feelings - that He never says, Toughen up, Karen. You know what's True. Now live like it!
Instead, He tenderly holds my heart and reminds me of the Truth.
*peaceful sigh*

Patricia - His timing is perfect, as usual!
No limits. Amen to that!

Jean - Thank you. God just has a way of using everything, doesn't He?

Mary Jo said...

I think the blahs have lived at my house the last few days. lol

Praying for you and thinking of you often.

I'm so thankful that God doesn't work based off of our feelings/emotions. That would NOT be good. He's faithful; He's thoughtful; He's caring. Even when I don't "feel" it.

xxx M.

gianna said...

It's so good to know that no matter where we are, God is there with us. Whether we are happy, sad, mad, blah. Whatever. Just because we don't like what's happening doesn't mean that God isn't there with us.

BusyB said...

you hit it on the spot...just when you feel the blahs it is great to know there is someone always there who will never change and always be there!!!!! : )that changes the blah into the feeling of greatness!

On Purpose said...

And that is just one of the amazing things about our God...His unchangeable character. Even when my feelings, moods, attitudes change His don't! Amen

Karen Hossink said...

Mary - Thanks for praying. Right back at'cha!

Gianna - That's right!

BusyB - And even when my blah doesn't change into a feeling of greatness, it is enough for me to know the Truth, and to allow God to hold me in my blah-ness.

Nichole - Just one of a million amazing things! *grin*