Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Two More Days

That's all the time I have left.

Two more days to be "the lady who walks her son to school."

(That's how I am known to half the population in Okemos. Seems every time I meet someone at school for the first time they say, "Oh, aren't you the lady who walks her son to school? I see you walking every day..." One of my first customers at the pharmacy said, "Aren't you the lady I see walking her son to school?" Even the teller at my bank asked me, "Didn't I see you walking your son to school?" And I smile, "Yep. That's me.")

But that'll only be me for two more days.

Friday is the last day of school, and next year Matthew will be in a different school. And he'll be riding the bus.
I won't be walking with him.
And when he gets to school I won't be there to say, "Remember, Matthew: God created you. He loves you. And He has a purpose for your life."

And even though part of me is saddened by this thought, I know there is no use in dwelling on it.
My baby is growing up. Yes.
I will no longer have any children in elementary school. True.
If I look, I'll probably find several more grey hairs on my head. So what!

Just because we're all getting older, and just because my children's wings are growing a little bigger doesn't mean I have no purpose.
I may have only two more days to be "the lady who walks her son to school," but for the rest of our lives I will be the mom.
I will speak words of life to my children.
I will pray for them and point them to God in the midst of their struggles.
I will worry about them when I don't know where they are, then remember that God is in control.
And I'll pray some more.
I will trust in God for all I do not understand, and give thanks for His grace which carries me through every single day.

And maybe I'll still take a walk every morning up to the elementary school. Unless it's really cold. In that case, I'll drive. Er, no. In that case, I'll stay in bed. *grin*



Amanda said...

I may have only two more days to be "the lady who walks her son to school," but for the rest of our lives I will be the mom.

Yup.. that line got me. Right in the old ticker. Wonderful thoughts here Karen!

Was just thinking about you and how amazing you are.

Be blessed-

TheUnSoccerMom said...

First, thank you for your note. Yes, God can redeem any situation, this is why I'm no longer fretting, but have given it to him!

Wouldn't it be nice (in theory of course) for our babies to stay babies?? Again, God has His plan and bless you for walking your son to school every day! I've never been able to do that, but I do drive my daughter to school. It's a great bonding time. :o)

Irritable Mother said...

Amanda - Thank you.
I was just thinking about you, too! I'll be right over to visit at your place. *grin*

Jodi - You're welcome. I'm glad to hear you aren't fretting.
We've been walking to school for the past two years - as a result of cuts in the budget which meant no more bus service for us. But it really isn't a big deal. We used to walk .5 of a mile to the bus stop. Now we walk .7 of a mile to school.
I love our morning walks.

gianna said...

You know what, though? Just because you aren't walking Matthew to school anymore does NOT mean you can still look your son in his eyes and tell that God has a purpose for him everyday. And NOW you can do it outside OR inside!

Laura said...

"Just because...doesn't mean I have no purpose." It's easy to wrap your identity in those roles, though.

Wise to see that there's so much more of you than that. Thanks for sharing that.

I'm totally with you on the "last times" son just graduated!

luvmy4sons said...

So bittersweet as they grow. Our roles change. But a boy will always love his mom. The big football players never wave at the camera and say hi dad! Hug. I am with you! Great big hug!

Irritable Mother said...

Gianna - That's right. things are changing. Not ending!

Laura - I'm learning more and more to rest in my identity in Christ. I'm HIS before I'm anything else. And I'm trusting Him to lead me through my ever-changing role as Mom.
Congrats to your son!

Leslie - I'm realizing how much I still need a mom - not in the way I used to, but the need is still there. It comforts me to understand that I will still be a mom after my kids become adults.
Thanks for the hugs. *grin*