Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's That Noise?

This past weekend we had a little flood at our house. Saturday night the water source to the refrigerator became disconnected and all night long water ran through the floor and into the basement. Directly into Elizabeth's bathroom and on out into the carpeted rec room. What a soggy mess!
The good news is it's being dried up.
The better news is, God is using even this circumstance to speak to my heart. (I love that He doesn't waste anything!)

A little background.
Our dog, Mindy, seems to be part chicken. She's scared of everything. Mindy barks at the vacuum cleaner. Matthew's Nerf gun makes her run in the other direction. (I'm sure that has nothing to do with the way he has tormented her in the past...) Even when I bring the broom into the kitchen to clean something up she growls and the hair on the back of her neck stands up.

So, you can imagine Mindy's reaction to the big fans, de-humidifiers and lots and lots of tubing we have strewn around our kitchen right now. It's noisy, and she doesn't like it one bit. (This is the only area of our house which isn't carpeted. And remember? Mindy isn't allowed on the carpet.)
As I sit here typing, Mindy is sharing the chair with me and I can feel her trembling. Poor thing.

And how has God spoken to my heart through this circumstance?
I'm so glad you asked! *grin*
Tuesday morning I sat outside to have my quiet time. It was a bit cool, but I chose to do that so Mindy could be outside with me - a little farther away from the noise and the scary machines. And as I sat there petting Mindy, speaking calmly to her, and reflecting on God's faithfulness, HE gave me a comforting picture.
You see, I know what the noise is all about in our house. I understand the machines. I know they are present in order to clean up the mess from the flood and to (hopefully!) prevent further damage. I even opened the door to let the guys in who brought all this equipment. I allowed it to happen.
But Mindy? Is scared. She doesn't understand and she just wants it all to be the way it was before.
In the same way, I realized God has full knowledge and understanding of the scary things in my life. I experience circumstances and situations which make me tremble, which I wish would just go away. But God knows why they're there. He knows the 'mess' in need of cleaning. In fact, God has allowed the 'scary things' because He knows what's best.

So, as I sit here typing with one hand (I'm using the other one to rub Mindy's tummy.) I am reminded that - just like I long to comfort Mindy in the midst of the noise and machines - God wants to comfort me when I'm scared. Just like I understand the reason for the equipment around the house, God knows why He has allowed these circumstances into my life. And in the same way I know Mindy is going to be just fine, so will I be - as I trust in my Father who loves me so much.

Is there a scary noise or machine in your house today? Stay by your Father. He'll protect you!



Rachel said...

Are you in Minnesota? We had a tremendous amount of rain and I ended up helping my neighbor bale out their basement.

Great analogy as well. So often I like to run when I should just be sitting at the Father's feet.

God's blessings to you.


luvmy4sons said...

Another great life lesson! I have often thought the same things with my children when they were afraid of something I knew was best for them. Blessings!

gianna said...

This is a very deep and meaningful post, but I'm going to focus on one thing you mentioned. Isn't it fun to type with one hand? Isn't great that all the training you had as a child goes out the window when you are a mom of a baby OR a chickendog owner? You did fabulously for typing with one hand. HOw long did it take you?

Irritable Mother said...

Rachel - I'm not in MN. I live in Michigan and the flood in our basement happened as the result of the water connection to the refrigerator becoming disconnected. Water ran on the floor, through the ceiling and into the basement all night last Saturday. Big mess. But it's almost dry now. *Whew!*
Here's to sitting, rather than running!

Leslie - Me, too. With the kids, that is.
But with Mindy it seemed to go even further, as there is no way for me to communicate to her the reason for the noise. I can only try to comfort her with my presence and love. Isn't that like us and God?

Gianna - Hee hee. I didn't type the WHOLE post with one hand. Was just doing it for that portion of time when I mentioned it - because Mindy was trembling again and needed more comfort.
Yep. Adaptation is necessary, isn't it! *wink*

On Purpose said...

I love you Karen...thank you SO much for this today it speaks HUGE love to my heart from a God who loves me...and I needed His reminder of just how He works! Thank you...may you know your obedience to share your life with us is glorifying Him greatly!

Sara K. said...

I love this analogy! How often have I wondered what in the world's going on around me, when my Father knows *exactly* what's going on?! AND He is in complete control. He is so good, so worthy of our trust...! Yay!

Irritable Mother said...

Nichole - Thanks, my friend. I love you, too!

Sara - Yes. HE knows *exactly* so I need to simply trust. *peaceful sigh*

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

What comfort there is for me in knowing that God knows and understands all the scaries in my life. He allowed them for a reason and He will walk through them with me.

Great post!!


Irritable Mother said...

Leah - And it's a good reason!

km said...

How appropriate that I didn't read this until today. I'm leaving my house in an hour for an MRI. That machine is both noisy and scary! I will be remembering HIM holding me.

Irritable Mother said...

KM - How did the MRI go? I've had a few of them and I know what you mean about noisy. The part I really didn't like was how small it was in there. Had to keep my eyes closed so I wouldn't freak out. LOL!