Thursday, June 24, 2010

You Don't Have to Tell Me Twice

Those of you who know me well ought to be laughing after reading that title.
If you've been around here long enough, you know God often repeats Himself to me. And it's in the repeating that I finally learn.

I am reading a book during my quiet times called Spiritual Disciplines Companion, by Jan Johnson. And I am currently in Section Seven: Simplicity and Fasting. Jan talks a lot about how we can grow spiritually, how our character is strengthened, and our trust in God increases as we fast (from food, and various other things) and find our fulfillment in Him. She gives lots of encouragement for us to find ways to slow down and put our focus on God rather than on the stuff of this world.
And that was all good.
I agreed with what she wrote.
It made sense.
I even gave thought to how I might incorporate simplicity and fasting into my life regularly.

But it was when I got to church Sunday, and heard this sermon (It's about 50 minutes long. Sooooo worth your time!) that I knew God was calling me to action. Or, rest, as the case may be. *grin*

My Rest Plan? Well, my kids are spending a few days at Grandma's right now. So today I am unplugging the internet. Won't check email, won't read blogs, won't update Facebook, won't click on Google to look for anything.
Instead, I am going to be silent today - except that I'll likely spend some time singing. I'll probably take a walk, or two. And I am going to be spending time in prayer and in His Word.
I just want to connect with God. I want to draw close to Him, un-distracted by the stuff of 'regular' life.
My intention is to make this a weekly thing. Not sure how I'll work that out when the kids are home, but I trust God will make a way. In fact, He's shown me before that I can connect with Him while I'm connecting with my kids. Yeah. I'm sure He'll make a way.
After all, He's already told me twice that He wants me to slow down. And I'm catching on a little quicker these days. You don't only have to tell me twice. *wink*

How about you? Is God tugging at your heart to slow down, too? Please accept this encouragement to watch the sermon in the link above. It's good stuff.
Have a Jesus-full day!



luvmy4sons said...

Sounds good...but then you won't be reading this! LOL! *grin* Hope you have a good time with the Lord. He is so awesome!

TheUnSoccerMom said...

Slowing down, that's the stuff!!

I find when I slow down and listen to God (in all the things around me), I'm a much happier person.

Enjoy your time w/ our Lord.


On Purpose said...

Knowing Jesus will love all over you today!

Patricia/NYC said...

Yep...I've been experiencing a little "tug" shall we say, to unplug...I haven't heeded it yet, though, so maybe it's time to watch that video! ;)

O Mom said...

Yes, yes, and yes! I wish too that I only needed to be told once, but sometimes it takes that 2nd, and
3rd time. But I'm sure thankful He never gives up on me!

gianna said...

I know you won't read this until later, but I wanted to say that I think I will be taking a day or two each week and doing the same thing. I realized that before everything (except being a child of God and a wife to Chris), I am a mother. And my 4 superstars need to come first. Thanks for the encouragement!
I love ya!

Irritable Mother said...

Leslie - Oh, I'm reading it. On Friday. *grin*
God and I had a wonderful time together yesterday!

Jodi - I did enjoy our time. :0)

Nichole - Yes. He did!

Patricia - Oh! Did you watch the video? I hope so!

O Mom - I, too, am thankful for His patience.

Gianna - You're welcome.
Yeah - I'm thinking on the days when the kids are home I'll be unplugging from the internet and taking them to the park, or something. I think it will do us ALL good to be 'unplugged'.

Sara K. said...

Yes, God is tugging on my heart -- I blogged on something quite similar on Thursday too! I will pray for your time, Karen -- it's such sweet time with the Lord when you're undistracted by modern media and 'the stuff of regular life'!!! The clarity is amazing...

Irritable Mother said...

Sara - It's a good tug, isn't it!
May God bless you as you focus on Him.