Friday, June 18, 2010

Pharmacy Notes

Sometimes things happen in our lives and we wonder, God, was that You?
And other times He is so blatantly obvious we cannot deny His hand at work, and we simply have to give Him thanks and praise.

Such was the case at the pharmacy this week.

A little background...
I think I might go blind working at the pharmacy. Looking at all those little letters and numbers when I am locating and confirming prescriptions sometimes makes my eyes go nuts. And more than once I have looked (and looked again!) for a prescription and been unable to see it. Only to have a co-worker walk over and pull it off the shelf for me. Right where I had been looking.
I hate when that happens!

So, back to God being blatantly obvious.
Tuesday as I was going into work I was praying. I specifically asked God to help me see things clearly. I didn't want to have trouble finding prescriptions and need to ask my co-workers for help. I wanted help from God.
Well, rather than waiting on customers, my manager wanted me to work on some computer-based-training for a while. So I moved into the back office and got started on the computer. And before too long, God made Himself known to me.
I heard a customer asking if we had any surgical lube behind the counter. My co-worker thought the customer was asking for surgical tube and said she didn't think we carried it. But the customer was certain she had purchased surgical lube before - in a tube.
At this point I stepped out of the room I was in. (Don't ask me why. I had no idea if we had surgical lube. I had not seen it before. But I thought I could at least clarify that the customer was asking for surgical lubrication.)
So my co-worker and I walked over to the shelf where we keep all the special behind-the-counter products. I looked up at the top, right corner and saw it. A box full of tubes of surgical lubricant. I said, "There it is."
Then I remembered what I had prayed on my way into work, I got a HUGE smile on my face because I knew God had just done this for me, and I thanked Him for His faithfulness in every.little.thing.

Don't know what you're looking for today, but I know Who can help you!



luvmy4sons said...

I love your pharmacy stories! And I love it when God does that! He's so great!

O Mom said...

I am so loving Pharmacy notes! It's funny, God has been dealing with me about praying specifically, it is all I keep hearing, so thanks for more confirmation. :)

Kelly Combs said...

This reminds me of "ask & it will be given, seek & you will find." God is good.

Irritable Mother said...

Leslie - Yes, He is!

O Mom - He knows what we need to hear. Amen?

Kelly - All the time.
And I just love how He answered that prayer specifically. He didn't NEED to do that. There really was no life-altering circumstance involved. I don't even know why she needed the lube. But in that moment it was like He was saying to me, Karen, I heard you. And I can meet your needs. Just trust Me.

On Purpose said...

So love Jesus moments...yeah!

gianna said...

Way to step in and be helpful! Even when you didn't know the answer! That takes courage (or in my case, just stupidity!)

Amanda said...

Loving your post... until I got to the last line.

THen I burst into tears. I am just walking such a fine line these days, and I keep leaning on Him and I keep falling down. I just dont think I am take much more of it! What do you do when you reach your hand out to the Savior, He reaches back, but you pull your hand back just in time to miss His grace???

Be blessed-

P.S. You dont have to answer that. Just thinking out loud.

Irritable Mother said...

Nichole - Me, too. Me, too!

Gianna - Thanks. I really don't know what got into me. Why was I thinking I could be helpful???
Oh, I see. It was the Holy Spirit in me. *grin*

Amanda - I love you, friend.
Let's pray.
Father in heaven, thank You, thank You, thank You for Your grace and patience toward us. I know You know exactly what's going on in Amanda's heart. I know You know what she needs.
And I thank You that You keep on reaching out to her - even though she finds herself pulling back. Father, I know I don't need to ask this of You, but for her benefit I will voice it. God, will You keep offering Amanda the grace she needs? Will You speak tenderly to her heart? Woo her to Yours? Please persist in Your pursuit of her, that she may receive the grace You're longing to give her.
I'm asking this in the wonderful, powerful, beautiful, matchless Name of JESUS. Amen and amen!

Beth E. said...

I love it when God takes care of our little concerns as well as the big ones. :-)

Irritable Mother said...

Beth - And He does it all so well!

Winging It said...

Karen, I just LOVE to find God looking out for us in our everyday ordinary lives, people miss this so much. Nothing is not only to hard for Him, it's also not to small for Him!

Glad He met you right where you needed Him! Happy Father's Day!

Irritable Mother said...

Maria - So good to 'see' you! Thanks for stopping by.
Yes. I love that nothing is too small for God. And I don't want to miss the small things He does for me each day.