Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Talking About SEX

On March 17, Elizabeth and I are planning to attend an event for moms and their teen daughters called, Pure Freedom. In preparation for the event, we've been doing a lot of talking about SEX. And it's been good stuff!

We are going through a book, What Are You Waiting For?, written by Danna Gresh - who speaks at these Pure Freedom gatherings. We read a chapter each night and go over the discussion questions in the back of the book.
I don't want to give away Dannah's secret, but I will say this: The things she reveals in this book about sex and God's perfect design are fabulous. Elizabeth and I are having great discussions. And I am delighted by what I am learning as we read together. Cannot wait for this event!

Sooooooo, dear mother of a girl, when the time comes for you and your daughter to get right down to the goods about sex, I highly recommend this book. I have not been asked to say these things and am in no way being compensated for this endorsement. I just think the book is that good. As one who shuddered at the thought of talking about sex with her mother (And who would have benefitted greatly by having someone talk to her honestly about sex.) please let me encourage you to keep the communication lines open with your daughter. (Or neice, or other young girl with whom you have influence.) They need to know it's safe to talk to you when they're young, so when they're older it will seem natural to keep the conversation going.

And for those of you who don't have young girls in your life? You might want to get this book, too. Seriously. The things I am learning about God's design for sex are absolutely BEAUTIFUL.



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Sounds like a great book. I've been asked to do a purity retreat for the high school age girls at a local Christian school. I'm honored and praying for just the right words to reach these young women.

So proud of you for being pro-active with Elizabeth.

Steph said...

Thank you! My "other daughter", Miya just turned 14 and her mother doesn't have open discussions about this. She also is not a believer and has been with many men. I am so concerned for Miya and her view of love, sex, relationships and marriage.

I think I will pick this up and every other weekend I'll have to set aside some time for just the two of us!

Irritable Mother said...

Leah - And I'm praying with you, asking God to fill you and flow through you to those girls!

Steph - What a blessing that you are in Miya's life. I pray God will use your every-other-weekend times to reach her heart.

Theresa Wilson said...

I was thinking about taking my daughter ..but she will only be 12 on March 19....do you think she is too young for pure freedom? I'm not sure ...she will be in 7th grade next year ....I think she could handle it.

Patricia/NYC said...

Thanks so much for this recommendation, Karen!! Kiara is only 7, but time flies by so quickly & unfortunately kids grow up way too quickly these days, I may get this book NOW so I am prepared (& so I don't forget about it later! *wink*)

Sounds like a fabulous event for the 2 of you!! We need more of these things!

Jodi@ underthegeorgiasun.com said...

I'm about to order that book. Right now! Thank you!!!

Irritable Mother said...

Theresa - I've only seen previews of this event, but I don't see why you couldn't come with Victoria. You know her best, and if you think she can "handle it" I'd say go for it. Maybe we can sit together? *wink*

Patricia - Yes, unfortunately they do grow up too quickly. Wish it wasn't so, but we can sit back and take it - or we can equip our girls to overcome it. *heh!*

Jodi - You're going to love it!

km said...

I think I might just get that book. I'll have a tween before I know it. I love DG. She did an event at our church when I was working with the high school group and I loved her "tea party". You'll have to talk about it if she does that at your event...or ask me and I'll tell you about it. Back then I read her book And The Bride Wore White...and then discussed that with my girls. Praying you and E have a great time

Geer Family said...

Thank you for the bk recommendation. While my daughter is only 5, we have started to try to cultivate her desire to be protected by her daddy. I've read that if your daughter doesn't feel her daddy's love for her she will try to look for it elsewhere. The result is usually promiscuity.

Irritable Mother said...

KM - After reading this book, I am very much looking forward to hearing Danah speak. I'll keep my eyes open for the "tea party". :o)

Mom Geer - I've heard the same thing. And I see it's effects in young girls I know...It's sad.