Friday, January 20, 2012

Lessons From the Edge

HE's Got My Back

OK, so this Lesson didn't actually occur at Edgewood this week. But it was surrounding Edgewood stuff, so I'm counting it! *wink*

The past week has been kinda crazy for me. Family stuff, work stuff, personal stuff. I've been pre-occupied with all that's going on, thinking of this and thinking of that, trying to keep track of which way I'm moving, feeling like I'm trying to juggle a few too many plates.
***That might be my excuse for not posting here Tuesday and Thursday.***

Anyway, Wednesday was a long day at Edgewood, and I had to run some errands after work. Just when I thought I was finished and could go home, I passed the Dollar Store and remembered something I needed. So I turned into the parking lot and trudged up to the store. I located the magnetic pads of paper, grabbed one and turned to leave - just looking forward to getting home so I could be "done" with the day. That's when I spotted the Luau display. And I wondered if the magnets on the paper pad were interacting with the Luau paraphernalia, because I felt pulled toward it.
I stood in front of the display with my mouth wide open. There were window decorations, and cutout designs. Flowers. Parrots. Flamingos. And cute little decorations to hang on door knobs. It was a party-planners dream. A little piece of heaven for an Activities Director who's been overwhelmed with too much stuff going on.

See, we're having a Luau at Edgewood next week. Yours truly is in charge. And although I have made preparations, I was still wanting to get more decorations. I wanted to find something to give away as prizes. (Those door knob things are going to be perfect!) I wanted the party preparations to feel more complete. But I was struggling to find the time. And the money!

I gathered decorations and prizes into my arms, plopped down $7.42 on the counter, and walked out of the Dollar Store with a great big smile on my face.
I had plenty of decorations.
I had prizes.
I had my magnetic pad of paper!
I had no idea I would be getting those things Wednesday evening.

But God did.
HE knew what I needed. HE knew I didn't have much money in my budget. HE knew I could get what I needed at the Dollar Store. And HE knew I'd be driving past Wednesday. *ahem!* I would go so far as to say HE arranged my path so that I would drive past.
HE knew I was feeling overwhelmed. HE knew how to ease my burden. And that's just what HE did.

Ahhhh. I am so thankful that HE's Got My Back!

HE's got yours, too, you know!



gianna said...

This is great!
God's plan was to bring the Luau to you! Why do we worry about stuff?


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

What a GREAT story! God is so interested in our lives...even the seemingly small details like party supplies. Just makes you feel loved doesn't it???

Irritable Mother said...

Gianna - GOD is great! And I can't give ONE good reason for why we worry. *sigh*

Leah - Yes, it does make me feel loved. Like God is putting His arm around me and saying, C'mon, darling. I have something to show you.

SC Mom said...

I love it when He does that :-D

Irritable Mother said...

Betty-Jo - Me, too, my friend. Me, too!