Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A New Theme

In 2009, it was TRUST.

In 2010, it was OBEY.

In 2011, it was SURRENDER.

Every year, for the past few years, God has given me a theme word for the year. In 2009, it wasn't until the end of the year that I discovered the theme - I'm a little slow, you know. But one day I realized God had been allowing me to go through circumstances which required me to trust Him in an increasing capacity. And I thought, 'What's that, God? Are You trying to show me I can trust You?'
And that's when I caught on to the theme.

So, after a year of learning to trust God, He took me through a year of putting that trust into action. God called me to act on my trust and to be obedient.
Last year, God took me to another level. To obedience with my heart, not just my actions. And I learned what it means to surrender. I learned trust goes beyond actions of obedience. Trusting with my heart means believing God's ways are perfect. His plans are best. I can confidently submit to God's plan because I trust Him - even when I don't understand.

This year, it seems the theme is PEACE. A beautiful next step on the journey. And yesterday, God gave me an opportunity to experience a piece of that PEACE.

I was scheduled to speak for a MOPS group in Big Rapids Tuesday morning. It's a fairly long drive, so one of the leaders opened her home to me Monday and I drove up ahead of time to spend the night. Had a nice visit with Rebecca and her husband - including a bit of conversation about SURRENDER, particularly as it pertains to my speaking ministry. Then we went to bed.

Tuesday morning I was just finishing getting ready when Rebecca called down the stairs, "I have some bad news. Schools are closed today, so MOPS has been cancelled."
And before my heart had a chance to sink, before I was able to feel disappointed, God reminded me what HE's been teaching me. HE has a perfect plan. And part of that perfect plan involved allowing the MOPS meeting to be cancelled. God knew it would happen, and He allowed it. I know that Truth in my heart. And as I surrendered to His perfect will - which wasn't in line with MY plans - God filled me with PEACE.

I am going to love this new theme!
Since Rebecca's husband already had planned to stay home with her boys Tuesday morning, she and I and one of her friends went to a coffee shop and enjoyed a little chat time. It was a delightful morning, even without MOPS!



mamajil said...

Awesome post! so true that we can rest in God's perfect plan, his scheduling and his leadership....I always have to remind myself of that especially when I greet my day with MY agenda.... :) sounds like a lovely morning with friends what a blessing!

Patricia said...

Great reminder to live in the peace of His will. And the added bonus of have a wonderful morning too! *wink*

My word for 2012 is "gently"...the Lord has impressed this word on my heart this past Fall. I'm trying to speak more gently, react gently, & repeating this word to myself begfore I act or speak has helped with my little "patience" issue too! ;)

Have a PEACE-ful & "Jesus-ful" day!!

Beth E. said...

Peace is a wonderful theme...peace, as only God can give!

My theme for the year is FAITHFUL, with my anchor verse(s) being Proverbs 3:1-4. I wrote about it in this post:


Jodi@ said...

I love your theme!! Peace is an awesome theme! :o)

There's no telling what seed God planted in your trip and then your chat time. His timing is so perfect. :o)

I believe I have two themes for this year: Trust and Peace


Karen Hossink said...

Mamajil - Yes, because HIS agenda is always better than our own!

Patricia - "Gently" sounds like a great theme, too! I'm glad it's helping with your patience issue. ;o)

Beth - I'll be over to read about your theme in just a minute!

Jodi - That's it, exactly! I had peace, with a bit of anticipation as I wondered, What are You up to, God?
He's always up to something good!