Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Bill Gates Wants to Give Me $5 Million USD

I have the email to prove it!
Though I don't understand why it was delivered to my Junk E-mail folder.

The thing is, while I would love to have $5 million given to me (Can think of soooooo many good things to do with it!) I really don't need it. I have all I'll ever need in Jesus.
HE is enough for me.
HE is more than enough!
The Son of God left the glory of heaven to come to earth.
He lived a sinless life, yet died a criminal's death.
All so we could be forgiven.
Then God raised Him from the dead. So we could have new life.
So we could be restored to a right relationship with God. Simply by confessing our sin, believing in Jesus' atoning death and resurrection, and receiving His gift of salvation.
With His blood, Jesus bought new and eternal life for me. For all of us who will accept it.
Because of what He did, we can know God. We have hope for today and all our tomorrows. We have security through the storms of life. We once were lost, but now we're found.

And there is NO amount of money that can do what HE DID.
Have you accepted HIS offer?


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