Friday, March 04, 2016


When you work with people who are accustomed to being forgetful, who frequently doubt their ability to accomplish tasks, and whose self-esteem is sometimes diminishing - there is almost nothing better than seeing them succeed.

Even at little things.

And that's something I've been able to do at GLC.
See people succeed.
Over the past couple of weeks, I have had several opportunities to work on jigsaw puzzles with different residents. Some have approached the task saying they're no good at puzzles. Others love doing puzzles but realize their minds "aren't what they used to be," and - therefore - think they won't be able to help much.
Ahhhh, but I am not so easily deterred!
Besides, puzzles have a sort of magnetic affect on me. I am drawn to them, and will jump at the chance to work on one with somebody.

Anyway, I have experienced the special challenge of convincing people who are doubting themselves that they really can succeed at a task. Sometimes I have to nearly sit on my hands to keep them from grabbing puzzle pieces and putting them together, but in the process I am seeing residents delight in getting a job done. We look at the open spaces, discuss what the missing piece probably looks like, then search the table until we find that piece. Always, I let the resident pick up the piece and put it in place. And, always, there is a proud smile on their face when the piece fits.
During the time we're sitting at the table looking for puzzle pieces, we also spend time talking. About today and "yesterday." About life philosophies. About lunch. About whatever comes to mind. (Sometimes repeatedly. *wink*) And that's a joy.
But the greatest joy by far, is the pleasure I see on the residents' faces with each piece they snap into place, and the little celebration we have when the project is completed.

How can you build somebody's confidence by setting them up for success today?



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