Friday, March 11, 2016


My husband is participating in a fitness competition.
And he is simultaneously battling some kind of sickness.
Which, doesn't bode well for his performance.
Which, is leaving him pretty discouraged.
So, the other day he asked me, "Will you still love me even if I don't make it to Regionals?" I said, "Of course I will." And then I thought to take it a step further. I said, "Brian, I'll still love you even if you stop working out and get all flabby and stuff." I wanted to remind my husband that my love for him does not depend upon his athletic physique or performance, nor upon any other kind of condition or performance.
I love him, because I promised both him and God that I would - some 22 1/2 years ago!

So, all these thoughts about love and "even if" got me thinking about some of the love I see expressed at GLC. I see "children" older than me visiting and doting on moms who can no longer speak to them. I see other "children" holding the hand that once held their's, to guide the one who once guided them. I see a wife tending to the needs of her unable-to-communicate-much husband - who once vowed to provide, protect, and care for her.
I look at these examples of tender, sacrificial love and I realize - back in the day, these folks probably couldn't imagine this is where they'd be "some day."
Yet, here they are.
Still loving.

They all inspire me.

Are you committed to loving the people in your life, "even if"?
Do they have confidence of your unconditional love?


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