Thursday, March 17, 2016

I Can't Win

OK. Just need to vent a minute.

I feel like I am fighting a losing battle in my kitchen.

I buy groceries weekly (sometimes weakly...) and I try, I really do try to get the things my "men" like to eat. There is always a list on the refrigerator upon which they can write anything, ANYthing they want me to get at the store - and I'll get it. (Yeah. Matthew once put a PS-4 on the list. That isn't what I mean by I'll buy anything you want at the (grocery!) store. I didn't get it for him. *ahem*)
Anyway, I try to keep them supplied with food for lunch and snacking. But, somehow I hear complaints weekly (Not weakly! I mean, I may be weak when I hear them, but they are not expressed weakly.) that there is nothing good to eat. **Read that: There is nothing ready-to-go. Because - oh - making your own sandwich is sooooo much work!**
So, earlier this week I decided to delight them. I made eight pork chops for dinner and secretly hoped they would all do an inner back-flip when they packed their lunches the next day.

Sometimes I dream too big.

When Brian realized there would be leftovers, he was at first happy - then groaned because he remembered he was going out to lunch the next day.
And then, just a couple hours after dinner I saw Josh in the kitchen eating two of the left-over pork chops. And I'm all, "Wait a minute! I thought you'd take those to school for lunch tomorrow."
And he's all, "Why? I'm hungry NOW."
And I'm all (internally), Whatever. I try to get it right, and it never works out. Blah.

Ever have one of those days weeks months?
On a happier note, the same night as the pork chop disappointment I did have some mischievous fun at Matthew's expense with Matthew.
Not sure what got into me, but I was holding my not-quite-empty glass of water, which still had a couple small ice-cubes in it. And I was right next to Matthew. At first I just touched the back of his neck with it, and he mocked me saying it wasn't really that cold, and was I trying to bother him - because it wasn't working.
So I poured what was left of my water down the back of his shirt.

That got his attention!

He then grabbed Brian's glass and tossed the water at me. But he wasn't as crafty as I, and the water only got the front of my shirt wet. Oh, and the floor.
Needless to say, we laughed a lot over that one. And Matthew needs lessons on how to get a person wet. And the floor got washed.

All's well that ends well!


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