Friday, March 18, 2016


Sometimes I get to participate in/provide the TLC at GLC.

And sometimes I have the distinct joy of observing it.

Such is the case with the story I am going to share with you today.

On Monday, a new lady moved into our memory care unit. She had been living at home under the care of her children, and the time had come when they simply could not do it anymore.
So, she came to live with us at GLC.
It was beautiful to see the way so many ladies welcomed our new friend, and their eagerness to have her join in our activities.
Yet sweeter, still, was their genuine concern for her.
This dear woman was very confused on her first day at GLC and continually asked when her children were coming to take her home. She asked other questions which clearly demonstrated the battle she faces with her memory, and the ladies around her wanted so dearly to help. Some started asking when her children were coming, too. While others tried reassuring her that she was in her new home, and everything would be fine.
When I got to work on Thursday, I saw that the scenario had changed significantly. Our new friend had stopped asking about when she was going "home." She seemed comfortable walking around and talking to people. And she came with the rest of the ladies to play Bingo. It was after that game when I got to see another act of TLC on the part of our wonderful residents. Everyone was walking back to their neighborhoods for lunch, and the new lady turned the wrong way. I saw several of the others call her name and point her in the right direction. They were watching out for their new companion.
The beauty of their kindness was transcended only by the grace they poured on her when she acted embarrassed by her mistake.

The folks at GLC are a population of people who easily get discouraged and feel down-hearted because of the struggles they have with their minds. But this week I witnessed women getting outside of themselves and caring for another who needed them. I saw women who have walked the same road come along side a fellow sojourner to help make the trek bearable. It's what friends should do. And seeing their TLC in action made me admire these dear women even more than I already did.

Is there someone in your life who needs a little extra encouragement today?


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