Wednesday, May 25, 2016

In Memory of Grandma Peggy

It was probably ten years ago that Josh and I tended our own little garden plot for the summer.
Besides lots of yummy vegetables, we had a section for zinnias. Because Grandma Peggy told us they were beautiful flowers - which attract butterflies and are not typically eaten by deer. And she was so right.
I loved gazing at those colorful blooms.

So, last summer when Grandma Peggy was living with us she often watched me outside working on various landscaping projects. And a couple of times I took her on walks in her wheel chair so she could enjoy the beautiful flowers many of my neighbors have blooming in their yards.
It was during one of those walks that I thought, Hey! I should plant some zinnias around the house for Grandma to enjoy. She would love that! Except, by the time I had that thought it was too late in the season to sow zinnia seeds. Thus, I tucked the idea away in my mind for "next year".

And now it's next year.
But Grandma Peggy isn't here.
She's gone Home. (And I know she's enjoying so much more than zinnias now!)
Even so, I bought the zinnia seeds and planted them all along the front sidewalk. And I reminisced about Grandma as I dug, planted, and watered. Then I turned my attention to the rest of the front landscaping, the sidewalk, and the porch - and decided to continue working. I pulled weeds, cleaned up sunflower seed shells (It's lovely to watch the birds in the feeders, but they sure do make a mess of those shells!), and swept away the dirt. Because Grandma Peggy taught me that it's good to have a clean porch and entry way. It's the first thing a visitor notices, after all!
(Not that I care so much what people think of my porch, but it was important to Grandma and I knew she would like it if I had the walkway looking good for the zinnias. *wink*)
And so I spent my afternoon yesterday remembering my grandmother.
It was delightful.
Even more, I know I will have fond memories of her every time I look at the colorful blooms which are due along the sidewalk in another 45 days, or so.


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