Tuesday, May 03, 2016

When it isn't "Ladies' Choice"

Saturday afternoon Brian suggested we should all go see a movie that night.
I didn't recognize the names of most of what's showing, and wasn't interested in the one or two I did recognize. So I clicked on Mother's Day to watch the trailer. It looked OK to me. I was sure it would evoke some laughter from us all. Hence I cast my vote.
But I was quickly out-voted by the guys in my house - who all wanted to see Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Can I just say, action films are not my cup of tea? While I may have watched Superfriends when I was a kid, spending 151 minutes viewing grown men dressed in superhero costumes - doing whatever it was they were going to be doing - did not sound compelling to me.
However, wanting to go to the movies with all my guys, and realizing I was not likely to get Josh and Matthew to agree to a "romantic comedy," I reluctantly consented to Batman. (And I consoled myself with the knowledge that I could get popcorn.)

OK, maybe if I knew more about Batman and Superman - or perhaps if I had been educated on the backstory of this movie - I would have had an understanding of what was happening. As it was, I got lost trying to follow characters and decipher conversations. And I could tell Brian was getting tired of me asking him what was going on. So eventually I just gave in to biding my time while I munched on popcorn. To me, the movie was over two and a half hours of fast cars, flying machines, fight scenes, and explosions. No wonder they liked it so much. *wink*
Nevertheless, I had a smile on my face as we left the theater - because it felt like a great accomplishment that I'd had a "date" with all my guys.

P.S I did feel slightly disappointed after the movie to have remembered that part of it was filmed on MSU's campus. Because I forgot to look for our local spot's cameo. And that would have been so fun to see. But, it isn't so important to me that I'm going to watch the movie again, just to find it. *ahem*


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