Thursday, May 19, 2016

Strike that from My To-Do List

So, last week a letter came in the mail from our pediatrician.

It was addressed to Josh.

I'm calling it his Graduation Letter.
Because it contained the news that he has to find a new doctor. That is, the boy is no longer a "pediatric," and must - therefore - go to an adult-ic doctor now. And they were nice enough to include a list of recommended doctors in the area.
So yesterday I started making calls in search of a new doc for the boys. (Thought it a good idea to switch them both at the same time, so I am not running myself in two many directions. Yes, that "typo" was on purpose.) And when I found one, I was all ready to make new-patient-appointments for the boys.

Until I was told I couldn't.

That is, I could make an appointment for Matthew - and I did.
But I couldn't make one for Josh, because he's 18. He's an adult.
And they won't work through an adult's mom.
So after Matthew's information was complete, I handed the phone over to Josh and had him make his own arrangements.
Because they wouldn't talk to me.
Nooooooo. He's 18 after all.

And with that - I have been put in my place. *Hmph*

Ahhhhh. Now I'm wondering if I can start using that logic on his meal preparation, car insurance payment, grocery shopping... This might play to my advantage. *wink*


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