Tuesday, May 24, 2016

They're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

So, I mentioned yesterday that my trip to Ecuador with Compassion International is less than three weeks away.
And I am so excited about it.
I've started buying the things I need (like bug spray and travel-size shampoo). I have a pile of gifts and supplies beginning to accumulate in the corner of my bedroom. And I am thinking about what to take, and what to leave home.
Of course, any mother knows - when you're preparing to go away you also spend a considerable amount of time thinking about/preparing for what your family will need in your absence.
*Read that: What are they going to have for dinner?*
So, this question has also been on my mind as I have been counting down to my trip.
I came to a conclusion, and decided to discuss my idea with Brian Sunday afternoon. Ya know, so he could have input - rather than me just dropping a bomb on him and the boys.
Because my conclusion was this: Seeing as they are all big boys now (Matthew turned 16 last week!) I believe they can handle eight days on their own. Soooooo, I am not going to make their dinners before I leave. Rather, I am going to give them the opportunity to come up with their own meal plan, make their own grocery list, buy their own groceries, and prepare their own meals.

Doesn't that sound like fun???

I am fully aware they will go out to eat a couple times. I realize their meal plans likely won't include much in the way of salads and veggies. And I understand mac & cheese and pizza (Order in, not make-your-own.) might appear on the menu a time, or two.
But that's OK with me.
*The three of them have agreed to pitch in and work together to get 'er done. Admittedly, one of the first questions was whether Elizabeth would be home during that time. And they were disappointed to find out she'll already be gone for the summer. So they aren't going to be able to rely on anyone else.
*They're going to realize how much work I do fun I have keeping them fed.
*I'm guessing they'll come to appreciate the little things I do - like notice when milk is getting low during the week and buy more so it "never runs out."
*They'll learn the value of budgeting their time and disciplining themselves with regard to extra activities - so they can eat.
*And I'm trusting they will finally appreciate just how good they have it - having healthy, delicious meals prepared and ready for them every day of the week.

Oh, yeah.
They're gonna miss me when I'm gone!


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