Wednesday, May 11, 2016

On Presidents and Prayer

OK. I'm just going to put it out there.


I am not enthusiastic about either presumed presidential candidate.
That is, I am convinced that neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump has what it takes to make this country great again. On their own.

BUT, I am not without hope.

Last week I finished my Precepts Bible study on the book of Acts, and the work I saw God do in the life of the apostle Paul fills me to overflowing with hope. Consider this: When Paul was still Saul, he was one bad dude. He didn't believe in Jesus, and he hated everyone who followed Him. Saul hunted down and imprisoned believers of the Way. He persecuted them and encouraged their execution. And his passion was hot for seeing this mistreatment through to completion.
And, yet, God had a plan to use this persecutor-of-Christians.
To use him for good.
For very much good.
You can (and should!) read about Saul's conversion here. But the bottom line is, God completely transformed this man through an encounter with Jesus. Saul became Paul and went on to preach the gospel courageously for the rest of his life. He was 100% faithful to God even when threatened, beaten, imprisoned, and any number of other calamities. Paul was a new man, and he lived his life for Jesus. When I look at who he was on his own, and who he was once God got a hold of him - I can scarcely believe it's real.

BUT, God.

Oh, when HE enters the equation, everything changes. And that is why I am not without hope regarding the future of our nation. Because if God can take a guy like Saul and transform him into a God-fearing, Jesus-loving, gospel-preaching, lost-seeking man like Paul? Imagine what HE could do with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump if they surrendered their lives to HIM!
Hence, their salvation and transformation has become my prayer. Because - while I have no faith in either one of them, on their own - I believe if God orchestrated a Paul-like transformation in them, either one could be used by Him in amazing ways.
And so, I pray.

Will you join me?


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