Friday, May 27, 2016


I'm still shaking my head over a situation which arose this week at GLC.

I'm saddened and ashamed that it happened.

And I am asking God to help me aright it all.

The back-story is: On Monday I was made aware that some of my co-workers felt like I was excluding them. They believed I thought I was "better" than them - because I don't make a habit of stopping and talking to them through the day.
If you know me at all, I trust you know neither of those two scenarios is a possibility.
*First, I never want to exclude anyone. I've been on the outside enough to know how horrible it feels.
*And, second, I don't think I'm better than anybody. My battle with depression still has me fighting with myself just to think I am not worse than everyone!

But I'm still a relative newbie at work, and many people (i.e. those who were having the afore mentioned thoughts) don't know me well enough to know I would never intentionally shut someone out.
Perhaps because I don't make a habit of stopping to visit with them???
And that's the kicker! The main reason I don't chit-chat is because these women usually appear to be so busy. They have lots of work to do. And when I asked them for various things in the beginning of my tenure, I typically felt like I was interrupting and getting in the way. So, I guess I defaulted to doing my best to stay out of the way, and get my own work done.

Only to find out that is exactly what they don't want me to be doing.

As much as it hurt my heart to find out people were feeling this way as a result of my (lack of)behavior, I am so thankful for the one who spoke up. I am so thankful to know the truth.
I have apologized, and I believe misunderstandings have been cleared up. With God's help I intend to cover my co-workers with TLC and assure that they never again feel as though I don't care about them. By His grace I trust I can get past the temptation to beat myself up for this blunder. And when all is said and done, I have a feeling HE's going to grow me through this struggle, too.

How about you? Anyone in your life who you think isn't interested in your TLC?
Take it from me. Love them anyway!


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