Thursday, July 23, 2009

Do You Want to Play a Game?

Did you try the hand-tapping game?
I hope you had fun with it!

Here's another one for you, which doesn't require as much physical coordination. Maybe a little more mental work, though. But you don't have to clear the table first.
This game is simply a round of asking questions. The first person asks a question of the person to their right. That person is not allowed to give an answer - they must turn to the next person and ask another question. And no question may be asked twice.
According to the "offical" rules, you aren't allowed to laugh in this game or you're out. But we eliminated that rule because all but two of us were "out" after the first question. The way we played, you get out if you repeat a question, answer a question, or can't think of a question in a reasonable amount of time. (Like five seconds.)
We had fun with our questions. Sometimes we answered questions by asking questions. For example, Elizabeth looked at my New Deal chart hanging on the wall and asked me, "Why do you give us check marks when we leave things out?" And I asked her, "Do you WANT to live in a messy house?"
Of course, there were the questions aimed at making people laugh, "Do you mind if I fart?"
And questions meant to tease one another. "Do you still like Caroline?"
But the thing I most enjoyed was the fact that we were sitting together, enjoying one another, and truly having a good time.

Give it a try tonight!

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luvmy4sons said...

That sounds like a fun one! It reminds me of the naming random objects one my sons play a lot. You name an object and the next person has to name something else that is NOT related to what you named and they have only 2 seconds. that. It is harder than you think as your mind makes associations and you often name something in a saying branch after tree would be a no-no! Blessings to you today!

Leah said...

This one I think I could do. The other one taxed my blonde brain way too much. Fun!!


Sarah said...

We used to play this one in theater classes all the time. Of course, there we had to follow the don't laugh part.

Another great one is to choose a simple word and say it in different ways. Hello, goodbye, yes or no (variations such as hi, hey, etc are acceptable) are great ones to go with. Each person has to use different emotions/inflections to express the word. Its great fun to see the different emotions you can say one single word with.

Daveda said...

Karen, I love this idea! We will have to give it a try. I have a houseful of boys so questions about farting, burping and butts, will most definitely come up, LOL!
Thanks for sharing!